1. What action prompted an excess of selling?
    Entrance into World War I
  2. What were the total losses by the end of 1929?
    $40 billion in paper values
  3. What did the stock market crash herald?
    The Great Depression
  4. What nation suffered more than the USA?
    No other nation suffered more than the US.
  5. What was the effect of the Great Depression?
    high unemployment, poverty, reforms, deprivation
  6. What was a cause of the Great Depression?
    Overproduction, debt from Europe, smoot Hawley tariff
  7. What also made the Great Depression worse?
    Smoot Hawley tariff & The Dust Bowl
  8. What natural development exacerbated the situation?
    Dust bowl
  9. What was Hoover’s fear of too much govt. assistance?
    People would become dependent on it. Wouldn't do it themselves
  10. What effect did Hoover’s efforts have on the Great Depression?
    Elected someone else
  11. Which was a program by Hoover?
    Hoover Dam, Mexican Relocation
  12. What group was attacked by forces led by Gen. Douglas MacArthur?
    Bonus army, veterans wanted the money now instead of 1945.
  13. What future international policy did Hoover initiate?
    Good neighbor policy
  14. What was the name for FDR’s effort to end the Great Depression?
    New deal
  15. What group changed political parties in the election of 1932?
    Black Americans
  16. What was FDR’s first action?
    Banking Relief
  17. What was the goal of FDR’s efforts?
    3 r's relief recovery reform
  18. What Progressive issues did Roosevelt’s camp eventually adopt?
    Social security, unemployment insurance, old age insurance, minimum wage regulations, conservation and development of natural resources, and restrictions on child labor.
  19. What was FDR’s signature media tactic?
    fireside chats
  20. What created the FDIC?
    Glass-Steagall banking reform act
  21. What was FDR’s goal with ‘managed currency”?
    Deal with inflation, relieve debtors burdens and stimulate new production
  22. What was perhaps the most popular of FDR’s efforts?
    Civilian conservation corps (CCC)
  23. What was the nickname for certain make-work tasks?
  24. What was the most consistent problem of the Great Depression?
    Unemployment and suffering
  25. Which man was a critic of FDR & offered demagogic alternatives?
    Senator Huey P "Kingfish" Long of Louisiana
  26. What was passed in the response to these critics?
    Works Progress Administration (WPA)
  27. What ambitious program was declared unconstitutional?
    National Recovery Administration (NRA)
  28. What agency instituted artificial scarcity?
    Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)
  29. What was the name for the devastating natural disaster of the plains?
    Dust bowl and black blizzards
  30. What agency was created to monitor Wall Street & the stock market?
    Securities and Exchange Commission
  31. What was the most revolutionary of all efforts of a planned economy?
    Tennessee Valley Authority
  32. What was considered the greatest success of the legislative efforts?
    Social security act of 1935
  33. What actions were taken regarding labor & unions?
    The wagner, or national labor relations, act of 1935 created a powerful new National Labor Relations Board for administrative purposes and reasserted the right of labor to engage in self organization and to bargain collectively through representatives of it's own choice. 1935, the Committee for Industrial Organization was formed in ranks of the American federation of labor. 1938, fair labor standards act was passed setting up minimum wage and maximum hours, 40 cents an hour and 40 hours a week. Children under 16 couldn't work. The CIO became the Congress of Industrial Organizations.
  34. What FDR effort was very unpopular & failed?
    "court packing" plan, expand the supreme court to 15 people
  35. What would eventually end the persistent unemployment & thus the Great Depression?
    World War 2
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