immuno II

  1. Antigenicity-
    Ability of an Ag to bind with immune components
  2. Immunogenicity-
    Ability of an Ag to illicit an immune response
  3. Properties of a good immunogen (4)
    • Larger than 1kDa
    • +Complexity
    • Relatively Stable
    • Foreign
  4. Haptene-
    Too small to be immunogenic in vivo
  5. Ex. of two good Immunogens based on complexity:
    • Proteins + Glycoproteins
    • Lipids + Nucleic Acids (sometimes)
  6. Epitope-
    Small part of immunogenic molecule that binds to Ab or TLR
  7. Cross Reactivity-
    When an Ab recognizes/reacts to a similar epitope
  8. Ex of Cross Reactivity (3):
    • Blood Types
    • Brucella abortus & Y. enterocolitica
    • Multiple Sclerosis
  9. Acquired Immune Sys is activated by...
    • Capture, processing and presentation by APCs
    • (antigen presenting cells)
  10. T-Cells are activated by:
    MHC presentation to the TCR
  11. T Cytotoxic cells are activated by...
    MCH I
  12. T Helper cells are activated by...
    MCH II
  13. B-Cells are activated by:
    BCRs recognize and bind Ag (w/o special presentation), but still requires T-h to procudes Ab
  14. Cells that present exogenous Ag via MCH II:
    • Dendritic
    • Macrophages
    • B-Cells
  15. Only ____ can present to naieve T cells
  16. After caputring Ag _____ dendritic Cells migrate to lymphoid tissue
  17. _____ dendritic cells process and present Ag in lymph nodes
  18. Exogenous APCs can present endogenous APCs via MCH I when?
    When intracellularly infected
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