1. "Actions taken to retain material in a serviceable condition or to restore it to serviceability" defines which of the following terms?
  2. Which of the following statements defines management?
    The efficient attainment of objectives
  3. Which of the following statements is a responsibility of maintenance control?

    Coordinate and monitor the workload of the maintenance department?
    Establish procedures to monitor the Subsystem Capability and Impact Report (SCIR)?
    Validate NMCS/PMCS supply status listings each day?
    Each of the above
  4. What work center, division, or department is responsible for establishing procedures for controlling cannibalization within a squadron?
    Maintenance control
  5. If you need to perform maintenance on an aircraft that requires "no electrical power," what must you do?
    Request maintenance control place the aircraft in a 'no power' status
  6. What is the best tool for ensuring a smooth flow of maintenance information?
    Daily maintenance meetings
  7. What report enables supporting commanders to assess current material conditions and mission capabilities of squadron aircraft?
  8. By what means is the Aviation Material Readiness Report normally submitted?
    Unclassified immediate message
  9. Where can maintenance and aircrew personnel find an accurate, comprehensive record of all outstanding maintenance requirements on a specific aircraft?
    The Aircraft Discrepancy Book
  10. As a minimum, how long must completed MAFS be retained in the Aircraft Discrepancy Book?
    10 months
  11. What form is used to designate an aircraft "safe for flight?"
    OPNAV 4790/141
  12. The Aircraft Inspection and Acceptance Record is signed by what person or persons?
    The aircraft maintenance officer (or designated representative) only
  13. Detailed procedures for maintaining aircraft historical files can be found in what volume of OPNAVINST 4790.2?
    Volume III
  14. Activities using NALCOMIS must store current MAFs on the host computer. How many preceding months of completed MAFs must be stored?
  15. For squadrons operating with VIDS/MAFs, which historical file should include engine-related VIDS/MAFs?
    Aircraft general file
  16. In the TD compliance historical file, at a minimum, how long must VIDS/MAFs be retained?
    6 months from completed date
  17. What reporting method was designed to reveal an equipment's mission capability?
  18. SCIR reports are generated from what codes on the VIDS/MAFs or in NALCOMIS?
    Equipment Operational Capability codes
  19. The first position of the EOC code is derived from what source?
    MESM, OPNAVINST 5442.4
  20. When an aircraft is delivered to the Navy, the Aircraft Logbook, OPNAV 4790/19, is initiated by what activity or office?
    Original accepting activity
  21. Aircraft logbooks are normally kept in what location?
    In the maintenance control office
  22. What activity generates the Structural Life Limits Form, OPNAV 4790/142, for the aircraft logbook?
    the squadron
  23. The Inspection Record is identified by what OPNAV number?
    OPNAV 4790/22A
  24. The Repair/Rework Record is identified by what OPNAV number?
    OPNAV 4790/23A
  25. In figure, 7-7, what block is used to document remarks about a technical directive?
  26. What type of technical directives are issued in greater numbers and requir careful screening to ensure accuracy?
    PPBs and PPCs
  27. Which of the following actions requires an entry in the Miscellaneous/History section of an aircraft logbook?

    The aircraft is damaged in an in-flight mishap?
    The aircraft is exposed to a large quanity of salt water?
    Dye is added directly to the aircraft fuel tanks to determine the location of a leak?
    Each of the above
  28. On the Aeronautical Equipment Service Record, oil analysis results are documented on what form or record?
    OPNAV 4790/25A
  29. Explosive devices installed in personnel parachutes are recorded on what form or record?
    Parachute record
  30. What items should NOT be listed on the Inventory Record, OPNAV 4790/27A?
    Components requiring an AESR
  31. Where is the hardback copy of the Parachute Record Kept?
    A permanent file designated by the AMO
  32. What officer designates the maintenance of all original aviation life support systems (ALSS) records?
  33. Which of the following equipment does NOT require an AESR?
    Aircraft engine
  34. What record is used to record maintenance data for modules replaced by an intermediate maintenance activity?
  35. What record is used to record TD compliance on a quick engine kit (QECK)?
  36. On a Scheduled Removal Component Card (SRC), in which section is the serial number of the component documented?
  37. On a Scheduled Removal Component Card (SRC), in what section would you document the bureau number on which a component is installed?
  38. What is done with an EHR when the component is removed and turned into supply as a retrograde?
    the EHR accompanies the component
  39. Once the NAVFLIRS is signed certified for completeness by the aircraft commander, where does it go next?
    Maintenance control for screening and entry of pertinent aircraft information into logbooks
  40. Which of the following persons or offices has responsibility for ensuring validity of the Naval Flight Record Subsystem (NAVFLIRS)?

    Maintenance control?
    Operations department?
    Each of the above
  41. What work center is considered the "nerve center" of the Intermediate Maintenance Activity?
    Production Control
  42. Production control is directly responsible to what officer for the overall production effort?
    The maintenance material control officer (MMCO)
  43. Which of the following is the NOT considered a responsibility of Production Control personnel?
    Periodically accompany CDIs to observe their proficiency
  44. When you order parts for a component iinducted into an I-level work center, what work center assigns the Project/Priority code to your request?
    Production control
  45. Priorities 2, 5, and 12 requisitions can be submitted by activities with what force activity designator (FAD)?
    FAD II
  46. Project codes are mandatory entries on all requisitions.
  47. At a minimum, how often should a joint awaiting parts validation be performed with the AWP unit in supply?
  48. What priority is assigned to the repair of salvaged material?
    Priority 4
  49. What priority is assigned to the repair material for non-mission capable aircraft?
    Priority 1
  50. What priority is assigned to repair of critical local repair cycle assets (LRCAs)?
    Priority 2
  51. What priority is assigned to the repair of assets belonging to an activity within 30 days of deployment?
    Priority 1
  52. What priority is assigned to the repair of non-critical local repair cycle assets?
    Priority 3
  53. What priority is assigned to the repair or manufacture of material that is nonaeronautical?
    Priority 4
  54. What priority is assigned to the repair or manufacture of material for non-fixed allowance stock?
    Priority 3
  55. Priorities may be adjusted either higher or lower by IMA maintenance and supply officers to meet local support requirements.
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