medical terminology 2

  1. an, ian
    of, belonging to, person associated with
  2. cervic
    (serve hic) neck
  3. chole
    (coal) bile, gall
  4. chondr
    (cone door) cartilage
  5. cle
    small, little
  6. crani
    (crane) skull
  7. cyan
    (sign) blue
  8. cyst
    (sister) sac containing fluid, bladder
  9. e
    means of, instrument for
  10. em
    blood (form of "hem-" within a word
  11. end
    (the end) inside, within
  12. ent
    inside, within, inner (alternate form of "end")
  13. h
    dropping when not initial letter of word
  14. hem(at)
    (hem) blood
  15. hemi
    (hemisphere) part of, half
  16. hyper
    (high purr) above, excessive, more than normal
  17. hypo
    (hippo) under, beneath, dificient, less than normal, below in space
  18. hyster
    (his stir) uterus, womb
  19. iatr
    heal, treat, cure
  20. ide
    chemical compound naming
  21. ist
    one who, practices, does, concerned with
  22. ium
    noun end, place, region, lining, covering
  23. lip
    (lip) fat
  24. lith
    (lather) stone
  25. lysis
    (license) loosening, destruction, set free
  26. mat
    variation for roots ending in "m"
  27. my
    (my eye) muscle
  28. oid
    (void) like, resembling
  29. omat
  30. ophthalm
    (up thumb) eye
  31. opia
    siffix denotes condition of vision, sight
  32. opt
    seeing, vision, light, visible, relationship to vision or sight
  33. ostomy
    (oh stop tommy) to create an opening
  34. para
    (parachute) beside, beyond, wrong, faculty, disordered
  35. proct
    anus, designating rectum, anal canal
  36. psycho
  37. scop
    look, observe
  38. steth
  39. tele
    distant, far away
  40. ular
    pertaining to; pertaining to a small version
  41. ule
    small little
  42. roots for pain (5)
    alg, algeo, algesi, algia, algio
  43. roots for bone (5)
    oss, osse, ossi, ost, oste
  44. pertaining to, having a connection with (2)
    ar, ary
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