1. Which of the following is NOT a concern of the work center supervisor?
    conduct the Monthly Maintenance Plan meeting
  2. Which of the following is NOT considered a typical duty or responsibility of a supervisor?
    Inspect every task upon completion
  3. The operational efficiency of a work center is dependent to a large extent upon what factor?
    The arrangement of the work spaces and equipment
  4. Which manual is used as a guideline for the establishment of an effective training program?
    OPNAVINST 4790.2
  5. Which of the following factors add to your expenses and cut down on overall efficiency?

    Broken tools?
    Misdirected efforts?
    Injured personnel?
    Each of the above
  6. Other than tracking test equipment, updating files/publications, and ensuring tools are safe, how can functions of the work center be further enhanced?
    Judicious delegation of authority to other responsible petty officers
  7. Which of the following types of maintenance is required by hours, calendar periods, or starts?
    Scheduled maintenance
  8. What is considered one of the best tools for ensuring a smooth flow of maintenance information between shifts and other supervisors?
    Daily maintenance meeting
  9. Which of the follwoing responsibilities is a function of the QA division?

    Determining deficiencies?
    Analyzing discrepancy trends?
    Determining the quality of maintenance?
    Each of the above
  10. What is the concept of quality assurance?
    Prevention of the occurence of defects
  11. The achievement of effective quality assurance within a maintenance activity depends upon what factors?
    Knowledge, special skills, and prevention
  12. A periodic or special evaluation of details, plans, and policies is known as a/an
  13. What determines the success or failure in achieving high standards of quality?
    Frame of mind of all personnel
  14. When, if ever, can CDI personnel certify inspection of their own work?
  15. QA division personnel will occasionally accompany plane captains during inspections. This accompaniment will occur at what minimum interval?
    Once a quarter
  16. Completed check flight checklists are retained for what minimum period of time?
    6 months or one phase cycle, whichever is greater
  17. What factors determine the number of personnel assigned to a QA division?
    Size of the unit and number of work shifts
  18. When a small OMD elects to organize a QA division, which of the following personnel should be permanently assigned?
    the QA officer and QA supervisor
  19. OMD with only one work center in the maintenance department may have qualified inspectors with what designation?
  20. QARs have which of the following functions?
    Reviewing incoming technical directives
  21. Which of the following is a requirement to become a QAR?
    Be senior in grade and experience
  22. Under certain specific conditions, CDQARs may be assigned in work centers where they are used in the same capacity as QARs who are assigned to the QA division.
  23. The minimum qualifications for personnel selected for CDI are established by what activity or person?
    QA division
  24. Under which of the following circumstances can an officer in charge of a detachment designate QA personnel?

    When the CO of the squadron grants this authority in writing to the officer in charge?
    When the deployment is in excess of 90 days?
    When all procedures and requirements for designating QA personnel are accomplished by the detachment
    Both 2 and 3 above
  25. What officer is authorized to designate CDQARs in an activity?
    the AMO
  26. At an AIMD maintenance activity, what personnael may use a QA stamp in place of a signature?
    CDIs, QARs, and CDQARs
  27. If organizational activities desire to use QA stamps, what personnel may use them?
    CDQARs and QARs only
  28. What is the time requirement before a QA stamp may be reassigned?
    3 months
  29. If QA appears on an MRC, what person performs the inspection?
    The QAR, CDQAR, or CDI that is annotated on the master and work center decks
  30. In an organizational maintenance activity, a final inspection by a QAR/CDQAR is required for which of the following situations?
    A task that requires a functional check flight
  31. During in-flight maintenance, what person is authorized to sign as inspector if a designated QA inspector is not available?
    The senior aircrew maintenance person
  32. After an in-flight discrepancy has been signed off, what other inspection, if any, is required when the aircraft has returned to home base?
    A QAR must inspect the repairs if the discrepancy involves safety of flight
  33. Which of the following is NOT a management responsibility of the QA division?
    Tool Control Program
  34. Work center audits are conducted at what minimum intervals?
  35. Upon completion of an audit, a report of the findings is submitted to the cognizant division and what official?
    The AMO
  36. Audits are maintained on file for what minimum period of time?
    1 year
  37. Investigations and reports of naval aircraft mishaps that are not reported under OPNAVINST 4790.2 are reported under what instruction?
    OPNAVINST 3750.6
  38. Safety meetings are required to be held at what minimum intervals?
  39. The QA division is required to report deficiencies according to the OPNAVINST 4790.2 under the NAMDRP. What does NAMDRP denote?
    Naval Aviation Maintenance Discrepancy Reporting Program
  40. In addition to EIs and ADRs, what reports are required under the NAMDRP?
    HMR, QDR, and TPDRs only
  41. What officer, with assitance from QA reviews all correspondence relating to aircraft flight mishaps?
    The aviation safety officer
  42. Changes or corrections to NATOPS manuals are reported by using procedures found in which of the following publications or types of message?
    OPNAVINST 3710.7
  43. Which of the following instructions contains procedures used by supply activities to report deficiencies that result from incorrect preservation, packing, marking, or handling?
    NAVSUPINST 4440.179
  44. What type of report is used when a deficiency is discovered in materials that, if not corrected, could result in death or injury?
  45. An HMR priority message must be submitted within a maximum of how many hours after the discovery of the discrepancy?
  46. An explosive incident is reported in accordance with what instruction?
    OPNAVINST 8600.2
  47. The term TFOA should be used on an HMR report that involve which of the following incidents?
    A fuselage panel that falls off an aircraft while it is in flight
  48. Engineering investigations consist of which of the following types of actions?

    Disassembly and inspection?
    Material analysis?
    Engineering assistance?
    Each of the above
  49. Unless combined with an HMR, within what maximum period of time after you discover a deficiency must the EI request be submitted?
    5 working days
  50. What is the purpose of a Quality Deficiency Report (QDR)?
    To report deficiencies in quality during the rework or manufacturing process to improve the quality of work
  51. Technical Publication Deficiency Reporting (TPDR) should NOT be used when you report deficiencies in which of the following documents?
    OPNAV instructions
  52. What activity manages the ADR program?
  53. The requirement for submission of the initial ADR Form (SF 368) is within how long after the acceptance flight?
    5 working days
  54. When a misuse of equipment is witnessed and reported, which of the following personnel may submit the Support Equipment (SE) Misuse/Abuse forms?
    the witness to the misuse
  55. Which of the following procedures is used by QA for a successful monitoring program?
    Conducting audits
  56. Which of the following is NOT a program monitored by QA?
    Ordnance Loading/Handling Safety
  57. QA should use which of the following aids to monitor the different programs under its cognizance?
    MIs or NAMPSOPs
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