Folk Tales

  1. The spread of cultural elements from one area or group of people to others by contact
  2. all folktales spread from a single origin
    monogenesis (Single origin theory)
  3. beleif that people everywhere have the same experiences and develop the same stories
    polygenesis (manyorigin theory)
  4. psychological explanations:
    • folktales grew out of dreams and nightmare
    • spring from wish fulfilment which allows us to satisfy our emotinal needs
  5. the study of society
  6. left over from nature myths; stories which explain nature through a story once accepted as true
    sociological explanations
  7. folktales enforce society through moral lessons that a culture wants its members to learn
  8. carried from place to place as people migrated and settled in new areas
  9. carried through warfare, captives and slaves, and minstrels
  10. passed on by word of mouth
    oral tradition
  11. Setting:
    • time is quickly set
    • places are generalized
  12. Flat characters:
    one sided, one emotion, only represent 1 human quality or characteristic
  13. round characters:
    fully developed, simmilar to ourselves
  14. Character contrast:
    good children vs. wicked stepmother
  15. Plot:
    swift moving with lots of conflict and suspence
  16. intro:
    is short, gives settin and introduces characters, then moves on
  17. folktales sadisfy our sense of justice and morality because generally good is rewarded and evil punished
    folktales hold up a mirror of human nature and often make us laugh at oursleves
  18. generally reflect the country of origin
    words are so carefully chosen, that detailec description is usually unnecessary
    objects hold a spiritual significance
  19. fary tale:
    no definite location or time
  20. story about a silly or stupid person who often wins in the end
    noodlehead story
  21. story that explains why something happens
    usually explains something in the natural world
    pourquoi story
  22. giving human qualities or characteristics to anumals or objects
    talking animal stories (personification)
  23. Great familne:
  24. 1st consiquence for the Great Famine
    the church
  25. 2nd consiquence for the great famine
    more violent crime influenced the brutality of warfare later on
  26. 3rd consequence of the great famine
    decrease in population
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