Fetal pig dissection test

  1. Describe the inside of the pigs mouth
    • canine teeth
    • epiglottis - at the back of the throat, light colored, u-shaped, flat; it closes during swallowing to keep food out of the windpipe
    • tongue
    • hard palate
    • soft palate
    • gullet - top of the esophagus
  2. Describe the abelomind cavity
    contains the kidneys, tight against the dorsal wall
  3. Describe the organs of the digestive system
    • esophagus - comes through the diaphragm
    • stomach - on right side, like a flat balloon
    • liver - large and dark, on the left
    • small intestine - long and thin and held together with the mesentery
    • large intestine - thick and dark and against the dorsal wall
  4. parts of the Respiratory system
    • trachea - tube made of cartilage leading to lungs
    • lungs - spongy
    • diaphragm - draws air into lungs and releases it
  5. circulatory system
    four-chambered heart inside a "bag" called the pericardium
  6. nervous system
    brain - has two halves; is protected by the skull and meninges (tough bag)
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Fetal pig dissection test
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