Chapter 32

  1. Condensation
    • process

    • by which liquid is removed from vapor
  2. Consultation Room
    • meeting room or specified
    • area where diagnostic and treatment information is discussed with the patient
  3. Dental Operatory
    • dental

    • treatment room and control center of the clinical area
  4. Rheostat
    • foot-controlled

    • device used to operate dental headpieces
  5. Subsupine Position
    • lying-down position in which the patient’s head is lower than the feet
    • (below the heart); used in emergency situations
  6. Supine Position
    • lying-down position in
    • which the patient’s head, chest and knees are at the same level
  7. Triturate
    • the

    • process of mechanically mixed a material, as when an amalgamator us used to mix
    • an alloy and mercury to create dental amalgam
  8. Upright Position
    • vertical, seated position
    • in which the back of the dental chair is upright at a 90-degree angle
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