1. When you are assigned to the line division, what person becomes your department head?
    the line division chief petty officer
  2. A troubleshooter must possess which of the following skills and/or knowledge?
    skill as a technical advisor to the plant captain and be knowledgeable in line operations and flight line safety
  3. Normally, what percentage of the total personnel assigned to the line division are assigned to the plane captain branch?
    between 75 and 95 percent
  4. What is the final step in becoming a qualified plane captain?
    Be designated in writing by the commanding officer
  5. Whenever a technician other than the plane captain performs portions of a daily/turnaround inspection on an aircraft, the plane captain is relieved of all responsibility for that aircraft.
  6. Which of the following is a list of the qualities that a plane captain must possess?
    Mechanical aptitude, personal integrity, and motivation
  7. Smoking is not permitted within how many feet of an aircraft during fueling operations?
  8. Only approved explosion proof lights can be brought within what specified distane of the refueling operations?
    50 ft
  9. During fueling operations, a small amount of fuel is accidentally spilled. What action should be taken?
    The spill should be contained and removed immediately
  10. A plane captain gets fuel in his eyes during fueling operations. What action should be the plane captain take?
    Flush his eyes with water, then get medical attention
  11. How are aircraft wings and stabilizers marked in areas that should NOT be used as walkways?
    The are marked "NO STEP"
  12. An aircraft is being refueled by truck. What is the minimum distance from the truck that a radar set may be operated?
  13. A refueling crew consists of what minimum number of persons?
  14. The type of fuel contained in the tank of an fuel truck is displayed across the side of the tank. What color and what size lettering is used on the tank?
    6-inch-high red lettering superimposd on 8-inch-high white reflective tape
  15. What are the two types of systems used to fuel naval aircraft?
    gravity and pressure
  16. Which of the following is/are (an) advantage(s) of pressure fueling?
    Fueling and defueling can be done from a single point, which gives the aircraft faster turnaround time
  17. To find the fueling instructions for an aircraft, you should refer to what publication?
  18. What is the last step you should take when fueling an aircraft?
    Replace the safety cap on the aircraft receptacle
  19. What device or devices is/are used to drain residual fuel?
    Fuel cell water drain valves
  20. In some cases, engine oil is identified by a four-digit number. What does this number tell you about the oil?
    Its use and viscosity
  21. What is the viscosity rating of aircraft engine oil No. 2085?
  22. What type of oil is used in most turbojet engines?
  23. Hydraulic fluid MIL-H-83282 is what color?
  24. You should use hydraulic fluid MIL-H-46170 in which of the following instances?
    When preserving hydraulic systems and components in naval aircraft
  25. A can of hydraulic fluid has been opened and partially used. When should this open can be disposed of?
  26. When an aircraft lacks a tire inflation chart plate, a plane captain should obtain tire inflation pressure data from what source?
    The applicable MIM
  27. An aircraft is land based and has a gross weight of 19,000 pounds. What is the proper tire pressure for this aircraft?
    290 psi
  28. What equipment should you always use when inflating aircraft tires?
    A remote inflator unit
  29. Which of the following is a safety precaution you should follow before you remove a wheel from an aircraft?
    Deflate the tire
  30. What personnel have the responsibility for refilling liquid oxygen converters?
    Plane captains
  31. Of the following parts of high-pressure air valve MS 28889-1 which one presents a FOD hazard and is normally removed?
    The dust cover
  32. A total of how many gas cylinders are carried on an air or nitrogen servicing trailer?
  33. You need to determine the remaining amount of oil in the preoiler (PON-6). What device should you use?
    A sight glass
  34. What device should be used to catch the overflow oil when the preoiler (PON-6) is used?
    A drain bottle assembly
  35. What type of filtration system is used in an HSU-1 to make sure that clean hydraulic fluid is delivered to an aircraft system?
    A 3-micron filtration system
  36. What is the exact capacity of the reservoir on the HSU-1?
    3 gal
  37. While an HSU-1 is not in use, what method is used to make sure that the hose end remains clean?
    It is connected to a fitting on the base of the HSU-1
  38. In the Navy, you are responsible for your own safety as well as the safety of your shipmates.
  39. What device should be used on or around jet intakes during ground maintenance turnup of jet aircraft?
    Protective screens
  40. After operation, personnel should not work on th exhaust section of a jet engine for what minimum period?
    30 min
  41. Personnel working around jet aircraft should take which of the following precautions to protect their hearing?

    Wear the proper ear protection?
    Complete work within exposure time limits?
    Have periodic checks on hearing ability?
    Each of the above
  42. When the aircraft shown is at military power, in what zone would you be exposed to a maximum of 112 dB of engine noise?
    Contour D
  43. Which of the following is either a safety precautiong or a safety attitude that you should follow when you are working with or around ejection seats?

    Always consider an ejection seat system as loaded and armed?
    Only authorized personnel may work on ejection seats?
    Ejection seats must be treated with the same respect as a loaded gun?
    Each of the above
  44. From what direction should personnel approach an overheated wheel?
    From the fore and aft direction
  45. What is the recommended procedure for cooling an overheated wheel?
    Park the aircraft in an isolated area for 45 to 60 minutes
  46. If operated necessity dictates that a wheel be cooled immediately, a plane captain should get supervision from personnel who are in what rating?
  47. If you have to handle liquid oxygen, you should wear what type of gloves?
    Loose-fitting leather
  48. You are handling liquid oxygen. Which of the following is a description of the way you should wear your clothing?
    Wear cuffless trousers
  49. Which of the following is a safety precaution that you should follow when working with liquid oxygen?

    Do not carry matches in liquid oxygen handling areas?
    Keep tools free from oil and grease?
    Do not permit smoking in liquid oxygen handling areas?
    each of the above
  50. Predeployment training lectures for personnel associated with the flight deck should include which of the following topics?

    Flight deck and hangar deck safety precautions?
    Tie-down requirements and techniques?
    Special shipboard maintenance procedures?
    Each of the above
  51. During the launching and recovery of aircraft, all personnel that are not required by such operations should stand clear of 'personnel' involved in the launch and recovery operations.
  52. Plane captains are required to wear (a) what color helmets and (b) what color flotation vests?
    (a) Brown (b) Brown
  53. What person has the authority to approve aircraft jacking?
    The aircraft handling officer
  54. Which of the following publications should you consult to find the details of special programs?
    OPNAVINST 4790.2
  55. What causes the largest precentage of premature engine removals?
  56. Which of the following is/are (a) major cause(s) of FOD?
    Poor housekeeping, improper maintenance practices, and carelessness
  57. The Tool Control Program is based upon which of the following concepts?
    Instant Inventory
  58. Which of the following is an outcome of the Tool Control Program?
    Increased availability of proper tools for specific maintenance tasks
  59. During a daily/turnaround inspection, a plane captain discovers a piece of hydraulic equipment is out of calibration. What action(s) should the plane captain take?
    Notify his or her supervisor immediately
  60. What form should you sue when requesting oil analysis on an oil sample?
    DD Form 2026
  61. Detailed information concerning maintenance requirements and acceptable contamination levels of hydraulic fluid can be found in which of the following publications?
    NAVAIR 01-1A-17
  62. Under normal conditions, at what interval will a plane captain take a fuel sample?
    Before the first flight each day
  63. An egress system checkout for personnel working on or around aircraft must be given by a qualified individual who is in what rating?
  64. After the initial egress system checkout maintenance personnel must receive an additional checkout a minimum of how often?
    Every 6 months
  65. Personnel removed from maintenance responsibilities for over what minimum period must receive a new egress system checkout?
    90 days
  66. What action(s) help(s) prevent the improper use of SE?
    Effective supervision and training of personnel
  67. After the appropriate signatures have been obtained, an SE license is good for what maximum period?
    3 yr
  68. What type of inspection is performed when an aircraft returns from SDLM?
  69. What type of inspection divides the total scheduled maintenance concept into small packages?
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