social studies

  1. Which Puritan leader founded the settlement of Boston?
    John Winthrop
  2. Who founded Providence?
    Roger Williams
  3. What was the first settlement in Rhode Island?
  4. What place did Anne Hutchinson found?
  5. What colony did Thomas Hooker found?
  6. Who was the Wampanoag leader who led King Philip's War against England?
  7. What is the name of the Dutch colony that became the English colony of New York?
    New Netherland
  8. Who founded Pennsylvania?
    William Penn
  9. Who founded Maryland?
    Lord Baltimore
  10. What religious group could worship freely in Maryland?
  11. Before the arrival of the Europeans, what was the name of the Native American group in the Southern Colonies that formed a Confederacy?
    The Creek
  12. Who founded the colony of Georgia?
    James Oglethorpe
  13. What colony was established for debtors and poor people?
  14. Beginning in the 1600s, why did many Europeans come to the English colonies?
    Looking for a better life for themselves
  15. What was the voyage to the colonies like?
    Long and difficult
  16. The economy in each of the colonies' 3 regions developed differently, although all were based mostly on what?
  17. What helped many New Englanders to become wealthy?
    The Triangular Trade
  18. Besides agriculture, what other things contributed to the economy?
    fishing, shipbuilding, and trading
  19. By the middle of the 1700s, what kind of system were the English colonists following?
    free enterprise
  20. Where did most enslaved people work in the colonies?
    On large plantations in the Southern colonies
  21. What was a plantation?
    Like a small village where enslaved people did all the work
  22. What kept African slaves from giving up hope?
    Strong family ties
  23. In which city did Benjamin Franklin arrive in 1723 and help?
  24. Why did many colonists settle in backcountry near Appalachian mountains?
    High land prices on the Atlantic Coastal Plain
  25. What is a relief map?
    Map that shows how elevation changes from place to place
  26. What is an elevation map?
    Map that show the height of land areas
  27. What is a climograph?
    Shows information about the temperature and precipitation of a place over time
  28. What is the Triangular Route?
    A 3 sided trade route between Africa, the West Indies and the New England colonies. Involved slave trade and trading of goods.
  29. A book that a person writes about his or her own life
  30. The business of farming
  31. The men who owned all the land of a colony
  32. To send goods to other countries for sale or trade
  33. A system where people make their own decisions about business
    free enterprise
  34. The height of land above sea level
  35. To allow people to have beliefs that are different from one's one
  36. Rules that planters made to control enslaved workers
    slave codes
  37. reference book written by Benjamin Franklin
  38. The difference in height between land areas
  39. The second leg of the triangular trade route
    Middle Passage
  40. The land on the edge of the settlement
  41. A person who owes money
  42. A large farm that grew one main crop
  43. The boss of the plantation
  44. Describe First Leg of Triangular Route
    • From New England to West Africa
    • Traded rum/guns for gold, ivory, captive Africans
  45. Describe Second Leg
    • Middle Passage
    • Africa to West Indies
    • Traded Africans for molasses
  46. Describe Third Leg
    • From West Indies to New England
    • Molasses was made into rum
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