feb 8th test

  1. Aqueous humor is found where
    Anterior chamber
  2. What is the substance found in the poster chamber
    Vitreous chamber
  3. what is the ciliary body
    intrinsic muscle of the eye
  4. term that describes the location behind the globe
    retro bulbular
  5. what is the outer most tunic of the eyeball
  6. what is the deviation of the position of the eye (lazy eye)
  7. small lump on the inner or outer surface of the eyelid caused by blocked gland
  8. what is opacity of the crystalline lens
  9. a person who completely lacks cones suffers from what
    color blindness
  10. what is the inner most tunic of the eye
  11. what regulates the amount of light entering the eye thru the pupil
  12. what condition is characterized by excessive pressure from the aqueous humor
  13. why do you do a lacrymal duct dilation
    open up blocked tear ducts
  14. phacoemulsification is used to remove what
    an opaque lens
  15. recession or resection is surgical treatment for what
  16. where are the lacrymal glands located
    within the upper eyelid
  17. the nasolachrymal ducts drains into what
    the nose
  18. what does dacryocystitis mean
    inflammation of the lachrymal sac
  19. what is cryo-therapy
    involves cold
  20. what is a scleral buckle procedure
    fixes detached retina
  21. dacryocystorhinostomy is done why
    to create a passageway for tear drainage
  22. what do you use to irrigate the cornea
  23. what is the action of acetylcholine chloride
    used to constrict the pupil
  24. phacoemulsification uses what type of energy to fragment a cataract
  25. when you do eye surgery why do you always have to wash the powder off your gloves
    it will cause corneal irritaiton
  26. what is the purpose of a traction suture
    to keep the globe (eyeball) from moving
  27. type of incision for cataract surgery that is self sealing
    corneal incision
  28. a vitrectomy requires a specialized piece of equipment called
  29. what is the mucus membrane that covers the eye
  30. which structure is referred to as the rainbow
  31. what is the leading cause of blindness in the US
  32. mydratics and cycloplegic drugs cause what
    pupil dilation
  33. diuretics are used to
    reduce intraocular pressure
  34. decadron is what type of medication
  35. the most common suture needle used for corneal suturing is
    spatula micro point
  36. the most common suture material used for intraocular lens fixation is
  37. chromic maintians tensile strength for how long
    10-14 days
  38. entropin is the condition that affects what
    lower eyelid
  39. what is removal of a section of the iris to relive pressure from glaucoma
  40. pressure in the eye is measured befor surgery with
    a tonometer
  41. what type of sponges are used for eye surgery
    weck sponges
  42. do an dnucleation for
    • malignant neoplasm
    • penetrating wound
    • extensive damage to vision
    • don't do it for intraocular pressure
  43. corneal graft rejection may occur as late as
    20 years after a transplant
  44. another name for a traction suture
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