Tree of Life

  1. Everything without bacteria in the name is a what?
  2. How many Kingdoms/Domains are there?
    • 6 Kingdoms
    • 3 Domains
  3. What are the Domains?
    • Bacteria
    • Archaea
    • Eukarya
  4. What are the Kingdoms?
    • Bacteria
    • Archaea - Archae-bacteria
    • Protists - Protista
    • Plants - Plantae
    • Fungi
    • Animals - Animalia
  5. What type of thing carries out protien synthesis?
    All living things.
  6. What are the characteristics of all cells?
    • Biochemical: comprised of carbohydrates, protiens, lipids, and nucleic acids (DNA & RNA)
    • Structural: have plasma membrane, cytoplasm, and ribosomes
    • Metabolic: obtain energy from their enviroment, convert that energy into ATP for energy requiring cellular processes
  7. Which type of cells have a membrane bound Nucleus and membrane bound Organelles?
  8. Which type of cells DO NOT have a membrane bound Nucleus and membrane bound Organelles?
  9. What domains are Prokaryotic and Unicellular?
    Bacteria and Archaea.
  10. What domains reproduce asexually? Meaning they gain variation from mutation and genetic recombination only.
    Bacteria and Archaea.
  11. What domains initiated the oxygen revolution?
    Bacteria and Archaea.
  12. What kingdom is Eukaryotic and Unicellular?
    Kingdom Protista.
  13. What Eukaryotic kingdoms reproduce asexually?
    • Kingdom Protista (genetic variation gained and maintained by mutation and syngamy, which is the exchange of genes but not gametes)
    • Kingdom Plantae - possible in many species
    • Kingdom Fungi - when enviroment is stable
    • Kingdom Animalia - some species
  14. What kingdom is the ancestral species to plants, fungi, and animals?
    Kingdom Protista
  15. What kingdoms are Eukaryotic and Multicellular?
    • Kingdom Plantae
    • Kingdom Fungi (with the exception of yeasts)
    • Kingdom Animalia
  16. What kingdoms reproduce sexually?
    • Kingdom Plantae
    • Kingdom Fungi - when enviroment is changing
    • Kingdom Animalia
  17. What kingdom produces oxygen and reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
    Kingdom Plantae
  18. What do protiens and rRNA comparisons indicate are more closely related?
    Fungi and Animals
  19. What kingdom has the greatest diversity of body plans and has muscles?
    Kingdom Animalia
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