Darwinian Evolution

  1. Who proposed the first model of evolution called Inheritance of Aquired Characteristics?
    Jean Baptiste Lamark - First to say species could change over time (evolution)
  2. Define Inheritance of Aquired Characteristics.
    Characteristics an adult gained in its lifetime would be passed on to its offspring.
  3. Who proposed the second model for evolution called Natural Selection?
    Charles Darwin
  4. Both Lamark and Darwin were Naturalists. What does that mean?
    Naturalist = Someone who observes natural life/species' from a scientific perspectives.
  5. What did Darwin recieve his degree in at Cambidge before his trip on the Beagle?
  6. Who influenced Darwin in going on the voyage on the Beagle?
  7. What was the purpose of the trip?
    To map South America
  8. What was one of Darwin's examples of natural selection?
    Galapagos Finches
  9. Who wrote the Essay on the Principle of Population and what was it about?
    Thomas Malthus - about competition, not everyone gets an equal share of resources
  10. What is artificial selection?
    When humans shape the phenotypes of domestic species by choosing what to plant/breed.
  11. What is the Theory of Uniformity?
    There are repetitive gradual changes that shape the earth's surface. This led scientists to push back the date of the earth.
  12. What were Darwin's setbacks?
    His daughter died. He became ill.
  13. Who developed a theory of evolution by natural selection, nearly identical to Darwin's?
    Alfred Wallace
  14. What is Descent with Modification?
  15. What is Natural Selection the mechanism for?
  16. Potential for Rapid Reproduction + Constant Resources and Population over time =
    Competition for Survival and Resources
  17. Competition for Survival and Resources + Variability in Structures and Behaviors (Phenotypes) =
    Natural Selection - On average the fittest organisms leave the most offspring (Differential Reproductive Success).
  18. Natural Selection + Variability =
    Evolution - The genetic makeup of the population changes over time, driven by natural selection.
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