Theory II

  1. what carious lesion begins as subsurface demineralization; acid from bacterial action on the tooth surface passes through microchannels in the enamel, demineralization occurs, and eventually a white spot can be seen clinically
  2. true or false. The use of fluoride can help reduce incipient caries.
  3. Are food particles neede in the mouth for biofilm to form?
  4. Certain microorganisms and their toxic products can cause periodontal infectious diseases, where are these microorganisms found?
    in biofilm
  5. Where do the pathogens that can cause periodontal infections exist?
    in biofilm
  6. _________ provides protection and gives the organisms that cause periodonatl infections increased resistance to antibiotics
  7. there is a majority of aerobic, gram-positive organisms, and the number of organisms and white blood cells is relatively low in what type of pocket?
    healthy sulcus
  8. In what type of pocket is there more leukocytes, rods, spirocetes, and more activity?
    diseases sulcus
  9. Effects of the inflammatory factors from periodontal infection have been demonstrated on What 5 systemmic diseases?
    • cardiovascular diseases
    • adverse pregnancy outcomes
    • diabetes
    • pulmonary diseases
    • stroke
  10. a loosely adherent mass of bacteria and cellular debris that frequently occurs on top of dental biofilm where biofilm removal is neglected
    materia alba
  11. a 'White material' that distinguishes itself clinically as bulky, soft deposit that is clearly visible without application of a disclosing agent. It is white, or grayish white, and characteristically may resemble cottage cheese
    materia alba
  12. a product of informal accumulation of living and dead bacteria, desquamated epithelial cells, disintegrating leukocytes, salivary proteins, and possibley a few particles of food debris
    materia alba
  13. true or false. surface bacteria in contact with the gingiva contribute to gingival inflammation. tooth surface demineralization and dental caries are seen frequently under materia alba
    both are true
  14. Can materia alba be removed with a water spray or oral irrigator? Can dental biofilm?
    • yes
    • no
  15. What are 2 common places that loose food particles collect about?
    • the cervical third
    • proximal embrasures
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