survey of american history

  1. Who defeated the Powhatan Indians in 1644 and prohibited further white settlement?
    Sir William Berkeley
  2. What was the largest insurrection until the Revolution?
    Bacon's Rebellion of 1676
  3. This wealthy, graduate of Cambridge University arrived in Virginia in 1673
    Nathaniel Bacon
  4. After leading his army twice to Jamestown, ____ died suddenly and ____ regained power.
    Bacon, Berkeley
  5. This war began in 1637 due to conflict over trade and land
    The Pequot War
  6. This war lasted 3 years and became known as the deadliest war of the 17th century
    The King Philip's War
  7. Indentured servitude evolved as an answer to ____?
    Labor shortages
  8. The Sugar Act of 1764 did what 3 things?
    • 1. Eliminated the illegal sugar trade between colonies and French/Spanish West Indies.
    • 2. Strengthened enforcement of the duty on sugar
    • 3. Established new vice-admiralty courts to try smugglers.
  9. The Currency Act of 1764 did what?
    Ordered colonial assemblies to stop issuing paper money and to retire all of it already in circulation
  10. The Stamp Act of 1765 did what?
    Imposed a tax on all printed documents in the colonies such as newspapers, almanacs, pamphlets, deeds, wills, and licenses
  11. The Declatory Act of 1766 did what?
    Allowed Parliament to declare its sovereignty over the colonies "in all cases whatsoever"
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