MTS-Domain 2A

  1. 2.A1 Discuss the purpose of Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and itls application in Content Development.
    SCORM is a collection of standards and specifications adapeted from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive suite of e-learning capabilities that enable interoperability, accessibility, and revisibility of web-based learning content.
  2. 2.A2 Describe Reuse, Repurpose and Reference as it applies as it applies to NCOM.
    R3=The development of the NCOM was fueled by the need to efficiently and effectively Reuse, Repurpose and Reference objects in order to create content for Navy ILE. The following defines (R3):

    Reuse: use of an existing object in a new learning environment without any modification

    Repurpose: an existing object with little to no change

    Reference: use existing object as a source for new learning events.
  3. 2.A3 Name the 5 Content Types
    • Concepts
    • Facts
    • Procedure
    • Process
    • Principle
  4. 2.A3 Describe when each Content Type would be used as they relate to enabling objectives statement,
    Concepts are categories that include mulitple examples. It compromises a group of objects, ideas, or events that are represented by a single word or term, and share common features.
  5. 2.A3 Facts
    Facts are unique and specific information usually representec in the form of a statement.
  6. 2.A3 Procedure
    Procedure is a sequence of steps that are followed systematically to achieve a task or make a decision.

    A procedure contains directions or procedural tasks that are done the same way every time.
  7. 2.A3 Process
    Process is a flow of events that identify how something works. Topics that list a chain of events that are performed by organization usually represent processes.
  8. 2.A3 Principle
    A Principle consists of directions that outline guidelines for action in which people must adapt the rules to various situations.

    Principles typically require a person to make decisions when applying them. Tasks that are completed in a different ways each time by applying the guidelines usually represent principles.
  9. 2.A4 Decribe enabling objective Content Use Levels.
    2 Levels of Use that may apply to the 5 Content types:

    1. Remember Use Level - learner recognizes and recalls information

    • 2. Apply Use Level - requires learner to apply information to accomplish task or solve a novel problem.
    • - requires practice, and is measure in terms of:
    • -speed
    • -precision
    • -distance
    • -procedures
    • -techniques in execution
  10. 2.A5 Describe Metadata
    It's "data about data".

    Enables the ordered, categorized storage and recall of information in databases.
  11. 2.A6 Discuss the key precepts of ILE Information Architecture, to include Navy Content Object Model (NCOM), SCORM, and ELO/ELOs
    NCOM: Navy's version of SCORM

    Learning Object: top-level grouping of related content.

    • Related Asstes are grouped into ELO's,
    • related ELO's are grouped into TLO's,
    • related TLO's are grouped into Learning Objects
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