1. who established the colony of singapore?
    sir simmford raffles
  2. If a colony was run by____, local elites were revoved from power and replaced with a new set of officials from the mother country.
    direct rule
  3. originally sent to africa to find david livingstone, henry stanley was hired by whom?
    king leopold of belgium
  4. the only free states remaining in africa by 1914 were?
    Liberia and Ethiopia
  5. why did lord macaulay design a new school system in india.
    to train servants for the British
  6. who set up a nonviolent movement with the aim to force the british to aid the poor and grand independence to india?
    mohandas gandhi
  7. in the latin american colonial system, who were the mestizos?
    people of european and native american decent
  8. who joined jose de san martin's forces to complete the liberation of peru?
    simon bouver
  9. by siezing control of mexico from porfirio diaz, francisco madero opened the door for whom to lead a revolt?
    emelio zepata
  10. who led a movement for independence in the philippines?
    President William Makinley
  11. who siezed pwer in egypt in 1805 and established a spereate egyptian state?
    Muhammad Ali
  12. as a result of the prosperity that came from increased exports, latin america middle sectors grew or declined?
  13. what was the white mans burden?
    europeans had moral resoibsibility
  14. the boers were descendants of settlers from what country
    dutch senaters from cape town
  15. in 1857, a growing indian distrust of the british led to?
    a war of indonesia
  16. what was the goal of the indian national congress
    share in governing
  17. who was the indian author who was also a social reformer, spiritual leader, educator, philosopher, singer, and painter?
    robmondina taoor
  18. the conservatice elites in mexico chose_____ to lead a revolt against spanish rule.
    ajustin and itube.
  19. the son of native american peasants,____ brought liberal reforms to mexico including land distribution to the poor?
    benito jadez
  20. who overthrew porfirio diaz to gain control of mexico?
    fernanso maeo
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