Social Studies Terms

  1. U.S. Constitution
    The document that set up the framework for current government. Written in 1787 and ratified 1788
  2. Bill of Rights
    The first ten amendments to the U.S. constitution
  3. General Assembly
    The legislature of the state of GA; senate and house or representatives
  4. Headright System
    A system of distributing land by which each white male as the "head" of a family had the right to receive up to 1000 acres
  5. Yazoo Land Fraud
    The sale of western land to four land companies after the governor and members of the general assembly had been bribed
  6. Louisiana Purchase
    A transaction which the U.S. at the urging of president Jefferson, bought from France for $15 million
  7. depression
    a sharp economic downturn; businesses and banks fail, farmers lose land; people loose jobs
  8. turnpike
    A road that travelers had to pay a fee or toll to use
  9. embargo
    The stopping of all trade with a foreign country
  10. syllabary
    A group of symbols that stand for who syllables
  11. Oconee War
    War along the oconee river between the creek led by alexander McGillivary and the settlers
  12. Treaty of New York
    Treaty that ended the oconee war; the creek gave up all their land east of the oconee river
  13. Red Sticks
    Those native Americans in the early 1800's who WANTED war with the white settlers
  14. White Sticks
    Those native Americans in the early 1800's who DID NOT WANT war with the white settlers
  15. Treaty of Indian Springs
    A treaty signed in 1825 by which the lower creek gave up the last creek lands in GA to the federal government for $200,000
  16. litigation
    Legal court action emigrate- to move to another place
  17. trail of tears
    Name given to the forced removal of the Cherokee to Indian territory
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