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  1. National Monument in Minnesota
    Pipestone National Monument
  2. There was a tie among ten generals between defense and attack at this battle
    Battle of Marathon
  3. Some minstrel threw the first blow at this battle
    Battle of Hastings
  4. Strait at the southern end of the South China Sea
    Karimata Strait
  5. Two island chains in the South China Sea
    • Spratly Islands
    • Paracel Islands
  6. Strait owned by Massachusetts
    Muskeget Strait
  7. Southern Bays in Massachusetts
    • Narraganset Bay
    • Buzzards Bay
  8. Massachusetts owns this small island chain
    Elizabeth Islands
  9. Second largest Massachusetts cape
    Cape Ann
  10. Amendments to the Mutiny Act
    Quartering Acts
  11. Two people that rule Andorra
    • Bishops of Foix
    • Urgellites
  12. Tried to seize power in Andorra
    Boris Skossyreff
  13. Wrote Crusade in Europe
    Ike Eisenhower
  14. Erfurt law student, father was a copper miner
    Martin Luther
  15. Hampton Roads Eastern features
    • Sewell's Point
    • Old Point Comfort
  16. Two rivers that empty into Hampton Roads
    Nansemond, Elizabeth Rivers
  17. Existentialism is a Humanism
  18. Said that humans made their own essence
  19. Thermus Aquaticus is key in
  20. The Triple Intervention preceded this war
    Russo-Japanese War
  21. Second-longest river in Burma
    Salween River
  22. The Hengduan mountains separate these two countries
    China and Burma
  23. Why Not the Best?
    Jimmy Carter
  24. River is on Pike's Peak
    Cripple Creek
  25. Sank the USS Hatteras
    CSS Alabama
  26. Every historical example of these is controversial
  27. Also known as the "Great Hungarian Plain"
  28. Rivers that bisect Hungary
    • Tisza
    • Koros
  29. Subway stations in the Berlin Wall
    Ghost Stations
  30. US Ambassador to the Treaty of Versailles
    • Tasker Bliss
    • Henry White
  31. Father had a namesake report
    Jawaharlal Nehru
  32. Silver mining town in Bolivia
  33. Wanted to bail Jefferson Davis
    Horace Greely
  34. Died in 1872 after running as a Liberal Republican and Democrat
    Horace Greely
  35. St. Croix limestone and New York burgess shale formed during this period
    Cambrian period
  36. Brothers that sailed with Christopher Columbus
    Pinzon Brothers
  37. Mt. St. Helens lake
    Spirit Lake
  38. Napoleon treaties
    • Campo Formio
    • Schonbrunn
  39. Cities on/near the Arkansas River
    • Leadville
    • Canon
  40. Christo and Jean-Claude plan to build something over...
    Arkansas River
  41. How did Colin Powell get his Purple Heart?
    Stepped on a punji stake in Vietnam
  42. Mistress of Warren G Harding
    Carrie Phillips
  43. Took money from the Veterans Bureau and the presidency during which it occured
    • Charles Forbes
    • Warren G Harding
  44. Harding's physician that might have caused Harding's premature death
    Charles Sawyer
  45. Called the "Mountain of Whiteness"
    Mount Kenya
  46. Supreme Court gave Lakota $100 million for loss of...
    Black Hills
  47. Osaka River
    Yodo River
  48. Overthrown in Iran by the CIA
    Mohammad Mosaddegh
  49. Wanted to ally with Atilla the Hun
  50. Recently acted upon by the Kelo case
    Eminent Domain
  51. Island owned by Ecuador
    Puna Island
  52. Gulf owned by Ecuador
    Gulf of Guayaquil
  53. People revered in Taoism
    8 Immortals
  54. First observed ribosomes
    George Palade
  55. Participated in the battles of Awa and Ueno
  56. Largest island in the Bahamas
  57. Capital of the Bahamas is on this island
    New Providence
  58. Archipelago that most of the Bahamas are in
    Out Islands
  59. Dissolved with Sint Maarten and Curacao
    Netherlands Antilles
  60. Badlands river
    White River
  61. Lebna Dengel was a 16th century of...
  62. Important Bangladesh political party
    Awami League
  63. The Passions of the Soul
    Rene Descartes
  64. Origin river of the Congo River
    Lualaba River
  65. Waterfalls on the Congo River
    • Livingstone Falls
    • Boyoma Falls
  66. Codex version of the Torah
  67. Early outbreak of this disease was in 1894 in Vermont
  68. Emigrated to Mexico in 1847
    Brigham Young
  69. Recent Colombian President and his successor
    • Alvaro Uribe
    • Juan Santos
  70. Marino Galvan worked with...
    Father Hidalgo
  71. Defeated Joe Lieberman
    Ned Lamont
  72. Murdered the leader of the Restoration Party
    Chiang-Kai Shek
  73. North Carolina bays
    • Long Bay (Northern end)
    • Onslow Bay
  74. North Carolina river
    Chowan River
  75. North Carolina sound
    Albemarle Sound
  76. Archipelago in the Balearic Islands
    Pitiusas (Pine Islands)
  77. Random Balearic Islands island
  78. Capital of the Balearic Islands
  79. Anti-Machiavel
    Frederick the Great
  80. Opposed the Diet of Roncaglia
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