1. Silent STD?
  2. cannot survive long outside the body but inside the body it produces rapidly
  3. when chlamydia is left untreated what happens?
    salpingitis and PID, tissue inflammation
  4. males symptoms of chlamydia
    dysuria, genital discharge
  5. symptoms of females for chlamydia?
    grayish white discharge, itching, dysuria
  6. Antibiotics of chlamydia?
    • Doxycycline(Vibramycin)
    • Azithromycin (zithromax)
  7. causes of gonorrhea?
    Nessiceria gonorrhea
  8. Gonorrhea can reproduce and grows well where?
    in warm areas, oral, reproductive, tract and rectum
  9. when do symptoms occur when in gonorrhea?
    2-10 days
  10. symptoms in men for gonorrhea?
    dysuria, purulent discharge from penis
  11. symptoms in female for gonorrhea?
    dysuria, yellow or bloody discharge
  12. can gonorrhea spread to infant eyes?
    yes and treated opthlamia neonatrum
  13. treatments of gonorrhea?
    single dose of cipro, followed by 7 day course of doxycycline
  14. syphilis called?
    treponema pallidum
  15. 1st stage of syphilis?
    painless papule, 10-90 days
  16. heals within a few weeks even without treatment
    stage 1 syphilis
  17. penny size brown sores 3-6 wks after chancre?
    secondary syphilis
  18. rash noted to hands, feet, heals in several months
    secondary syphilis
  19. symptoms of secondary syphilis
    low grade fever, headache, fatigue, sore throat, lymph node largement cconfused with hpv
  20. how long can secondary symptoms go for in symphilis
    1-2 yrs
  21. called great immitator
  22. early latency?
    3rd stage of syphilis
  23. possible infectious lesions, asymptomatic, reactive serologic test
    early latency
  24. possible lesions in CNS and CV system, non infectious
    late latency
  25. treatment of syphilis?
    PCN, periodic blood test
  26. affects 60 million people a year with appx 500,000 new cases a year
    genital herpes
  27. herpes simplex1?
    cold sores, fever blisters
  28. herpes simplex 2?
    genital sores
  29. appears 2-10 days and last 2-3 weeks?
    S/S of herpes
  30. S/S of herpes
    itching, burning, pain in genitals, legs and butt, vaginal discharge, abd pressure
  31. other symptoms of herpes?
    fever, muscle aches, HA, dysuria, swollen glands of groin
  32. with in the first episode the virus travels through the sensory nerves where it remains inactive in the nerve cell until the virus travels back to the skin causing a reoccurence
  33. what are the reoccurent symptoms like?
    reoccurence varies 1-2 yrs and symptoms are milder than 1st episode and last 1 week
  34. treatment of herpes?
    blood test and cultures and there is no cure.
  35. what medications are used?
    • acyclovir (Zovirax)
    • Valacyclovir (Valtrex)
  36. Cytomegalovirus
    part of the herpes family, sent through semen, saliva, urine, blood, cervial muscus
  37. S/S of cytomegalovirus?
    fever, fatigue and weakness
  38. monoucleosis is mistaken as herpes
  39. Genital warts?
    HPV virus or condylomata acuminata
  40. whos at most risk for genital worts?
    teenage girls or young women.
  41. incubation period of HPV?
    1-2 mo or as long as 6 mo
  42. warts growing in clusters forming a cauliflower shaped appearance, no cure
    genital warts
  43. treatment for genital warts
    cryosurgery, laser surgery, cauterization
  44. medication for genital warts
    podden it must be washed off 4-6 hrs or may cause chemical burn
  45. what do we not use on diabetics bc of poor circulation?
    Podophyllum resin
  46. causes of trichomoniasis?
    parasitic protozoan
  47. transmission of trichomoniasis?
  48. incubation peropid for trchomoniasis?
    4-20 days
  49. S/S of trichomoniasis
    vulval and vaginal pruritis, vaginal discharge, frothy, copious yellow green mucus
  50. S/S of trichomoniasis?
    severe itching, redness, swelling, pain on intercourse, urinary frequency, grayish, malodorus discharge
  51. S/S of males trichomoniasis
    watery whitish discharge, dysuria, urethritis, can be dormant
  52. treatment of trichomoniasis?
    both partners should be treated, pregnant women should be treated first trimester to avoid birth defects
  53. med to treat trichomoniasis
    Flagyl (metronidazole)
  54. Hepatitis B
    can be through sexual contact, body fluids and drug paraphernalia
  55. S/S of Hep B
    anorexia, ABD discomfort,n/v, fatigue, jaundice can progress to chronic liver disease, hepatic cancer and death
  56. is there a vaccine for hep b?
  57. nursing management of Hep B?
    hand hygiene, barrier method, avoid sharing needles, past and present sexual contact
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