Java Feb 4

  1. Module
    self-contained subset of a program
  2. Module arithmetic
    arithmetic that uses the integer result ad remainder of division as two separate entities
  3. Multi-tasking
    mode of operation that allows two or more tasks to be performed at the same time
  4. Multi-suer system
    system that allows two or more people to use the processor within a given period of time
  5. Multi-processing
    execution of two or more computer programs or sequences of instructions at the same time by a computer (parallel processing)
  6. Network
    any set of interconnected computer systems sharing resources and data.

    • LAN: Local area network
    • WAN: Wide area network
  7. Networking
    Making use of network services
  8. Node
    • a. Tree structure: each position of the tree is a node
    • b. decide on a computer network that can be addressed so other computers can contact it
    • c. a "host" computer on a network
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Java Feb 4