Cell Reproduction

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    • Eukaryotic cells divide by one of two mechanisms - mitosis or meiosis
    • Mitosis (my toes): occurs in somatic (body) cells
    • Meiosis: occures in gametes (egg/sperm) cells
    • Chromosomes: molecules of DNA
    • Genes: segments of DNA on each chromosome
    • Chromatin: when chromosomes form complexes with protein in the nucleus
    • Diploid: having two sets of chromosomes
    • Somatic cells have two copies of each chromosome - 46 (23 from each parent)
    • Autosomes: 1 through 22
    • Haploid: having one set of chromosomes
  2. Closer look at Chromosomes
    • Sister chromatids: prior to division, each chromosome is duplicated to form two
    • Centromere: what holds the sister chromatids together
    • Spindles: attach to chromosomes and move them
    • Centrioles: two poles overlapping at the spindle's equator
  3. Cell Cycle
    • Squence of events that extends from the time of a cell's forma-tion until its division
    • Interphase: G, S, G2
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