Theology Quiz 2~7~11

  1. Who is eligble for papal election?
    any baptized male
  2. who decides the next pope?
    cardinals meet im rome 15-20 days after the popes death
  3. when the conclave occurs:
    • 1st: celebrate mass together in St. Peters Basilica
    • 2nd: Cardinals go to the sistine Chapel where election takes place
  4. Papal elecion process:
    Cardinals first take an oath about correct procedures. Doors to the chapel remain closed throughout the process. Cardinals may not talk to anyone outside conclave untill process is over.
  5. papal election voting process:
    cardinals write down the name of the person they beleive should be pope. votes counted . If number dont match-balots are burned unread. If numbers do match- ballots opened, announced and counted. pope must receive 2/3 of the majority of electors. If it does not happen, ballots are burned & process repeats
  6. Papal election Smoke: White
    A new pope has been elected
  7. Papal election smoke: black
    vote taken but no winnr straw or chemical
  8. If a pope is elected:
    • Elect must accept, then
    • ballots are burnt without additives to produce the white smoke
    • ringing of bells
    • pope must pick a name and dress in papal vestments
    • greets crowd at St. Peters Square
  9. Who created the Cathoic church?
  10. What does the word 'church' mean?
    a convocation or assembly
  11. what three levels of people does the church include?
    • liturgical assembly
    • local community
    • whole universal community of beleivers
  12. name and describe three symbols of the church. Why are these symbols used?
    • sheepfold-sheep are the people The Shepard is God
    • cultivated feild-christ is the vine, we are the branches
    • building- christ is the cornerstone, we are the living stones
  13. Why was the church instituted?
    to save humanity
  14. describe the structure of Christ's community. How long will it last?
    • It started small and grew wih the apostles.
    • untill the kingdom is fully acheived.
  15. The Church is born primarily of Christ's total ______-______
  16. What is the nature of the Church?
    • Missionary
    • the building the people the sacraments & actions
  17. How is the Church both visible and spiritual?
    one complex reality which comes together from a human and devine element
  18. how is the church a sacrament?
    The church's first purpose is to be the sacrament of the inner union of men with God&unity of the human race
  19. Images of the church: Like a body, the church...
    • needs food
    • is one
    • has many parts
    • is designed by God
    • is united
    • grows in christ
    • Jesus is the head
  20. Images of the Church: Like a bride, the church...
    • loves
    • is pure & beautiful
    • is cared for by Christ
  21. Images of the Church: Like a temple, the church...
    • is gods building
    • is holy
    • connected to dwelling place of God
    • is built upon the foundation of the apostles
    • is a corner stone
  22. The Pope at the time (Pope Pius IX) was upset with him because he did not take his dreams seriously
    Worked with neglected boys
    Founded the Salesian order (.e. the order of Francis de Sales)
    Canonized in 1934
    Saint John Bosco
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