medical terminology 1

  1. aden
    (a den) gland
  2. al
    Pertaining to
  3. angi
    (angel) vessel, usually blood
  4. arthr
    (art) joint
  5. blephar
    (blue fur) eyelid
  6. cardi
    (card) heart
  7. cerebr
    (zebra) brain
  8. derm
  9. dermat
    (door mat) skin
  10. ectomy
    (exit tommy) surgical removal of all or part of
  11. enter
    intestines (usually small)
  12. gastr
    (gas truck) stomach
  13. gingiv
    (gingerbread) gum
  14. hepat
    (he pat) liver
  15. ia
    disease, unhealthy state or condition
  16. ic
    pertaining to
  17. ical
    pertaining to
  18. is
    noun ending, add to root to form name
  19. itis
    (I test) inflammation
  20. malacia
    (my late show) soft condition
  21. megal
    (my gal) enlarged
  22. nephr
    (nephew) kidney
  23. ologist
    (hollow chest) a specialist in the study of
  24. ology
    (hollow cheese) study of
  25. oma
    (oh ma) tumor/ swelling, mass of new tissue growth
  26. osis
    (oh sis) condition, any condition
  27. otomy
    (oh tommy) cut into, incision into
  28. path
    (path) disease
  29. plast
    (plastic) surgical repair, plastic repair/ renewal, reforming reconstruction
  30. rhin
    (rhinoceros) nose
  31. spasm
    (spaceman) involuntary contraction
  32. um
    noun ending, add to root to form name
  33. y
    act or result of act, condition, quality
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