ch 20

  1. What did Africa contribute to the Columbian Exchange?
  2. What European nation was the first to make contact with Africs?
  3. Factories
    They were forts and trading posts with resident merchants.
  4. WHich portugese factory was the most important in Africa?
    El Mina
  5. Where did conversion to CHristitanity have the biggeset success in Africa?
  6. What settlement was the basis for the Portuguese colony Angola?
  7. What were the principal patterns of European contact with Africa based on the model of Portugal?
    • fortified trading stations
    • combination of force and diplomacy
    • alliances with local rulers
    • predominance of commercial relations
  8. Explain slavery in Europe from the time of the Romans to the Middle Ages
    • Slavery declined and replaced my serfdom.
    • used in Roman empire.
  9. 1441
    slaves were brought directly from Africa to Porutgal.
  10. Why did Portugal and Spain become more heavily involoved in the slave trade?
    Built fast and needed workers. Sugar plantations of Canaries and Madeira Islands.
  11. HOw many africans were shippedacross the Alantic between 1450-1850
    12 million
  12. WHich century mared the zenith of the Atlantic slave trade?
    18th century.
  13. Where did the vast majority of slaces go to between 1530-1820?
    Spanish American and Brazil.
  14. How did the Trans-saharan slave tradediffer from the Atlantic slave trade?
    saharan used women and atlantic focused on men.
  15. what demographic effect did the atlantic slave trade have on america?
    women and kids skewed women to mem ratios.
  16. How did the british organize their slave trade in africa?
    the royal african company- only to trad slaves
  17. indies peace
    a healthy man was called this, children and women were praced at fractions of that value.
  18. triangular trade
    • slaves were carried to the americas.
    • sugar and tobacco were carried to europe
    • and then europe products to the coast of africa
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