1. What was the result of the New immigration uota law in 1924?
    it alllowed unrestricted immigration from the w hemi countries making latinos the fastest growing minority.
  2. what was the klan a reaction to, how were they different than the earlier klan, and why did they decline?
    • reaction to shifting moral standards decline of church's authority and broad mindedness of city dwellers and college students.
    • no longer confined to the south, in big n and midwest cities.
    • due to internal disssent and violent methods and schisms.
  3. what was fundamentalism?
    a rise f modern christiantiy and the reaction to that notion, the idea that the bible should be sutdied in the light of higher criticism. Byan and other leaders were against the teaching of evolution.
  4. what was the scopes monkey trial in tn?
    trial against scopes over teaching of evolution in public schools and colleges. death of bryan led to decline of fundamentalism.
  5. what was the WCTU and anti-saloon league-rhetoric?
    contains virulent ethnic and social prejudice and seems aimed at policiny the poor, the foreign born, and the working class.
  6. what was the 18th ammendment?
    prohibition, but wasn't well enforced
  7. who was alice paul!
    • the nat'l amerian woman suffrage association.
    • the nat'l woman's party who picketed ad civil disobedience
  8. what was the congressional union or woman suffrage?
    • first suggetion of constitutional amendment
    • started by paul and lucy burns
  9. who was carrie chapman catt?
    warns of danger from poor and ethnic votes. also, some southerners say womens' votes would insure white supremacy.
  10. what was the= right s ammendment?
    • promoted by alice paul
    • to eliminate all reamining legal distinctions b/w men and women
    • introducd in congress, but it failed ratification.
  11. who were some writersof the harlem renaissance?
    • calud mcKay
    • Lnagston Hughes
    • zora neale hurston
    • countee cullen
    • james weldon johnson
  12. what was cane by jean toomer?
    pictured the lives of simple folk in georgia's black belt and the sophisticated af am middle class in DC
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