quiz #1- nutrition for exercise performance

  1. What is the recommended protein, fat, CHO, and water intake for atheletes?
    • protein: 10%
    • fat: <30% (10% mono, poly, sat)
    • CHO: 60-70% daily
    • water: 2.5 L
  2. What are the CHO in blood glucose, muscle glycogen, and triglycerides used for (intensity/duration of exercise)?
    • blood glucose: low intensity exercise (<40% VO2)
    • muscle glycogen: moderate intensity (40-60% VO2)
    • triglyceride: prolonged exercise (>60 min)- muscle glycogen levels decrease
  3. What is one cause of muscle fatigue?
    depletion of muscle glycogen (if you start with more at the beginning, can exercise longer before exhaustion)

    • -in moderate to vig exercise >60 min OR
    • -very high intensityy (>85%) accumulate lactic acid
  4. How do you maximize muscle glycogen content?
    • eat more CHO
    • endurance training ^ glycogen stores
  5. How should you eat the week before, to optimize muscle glycogen content?
    • day 1-3: eat typical (50-60% CHO), lower training 45-60 min
    • day 4-6: ^ CHO (70%), lower training 30 min
    • day 7: high CHO (70-90%), no training
  6. When should you eat a light meal before an event?
    2-3 hours before
  7. SHould the snack you eat 30-60 minutes before a race be high or low glycemic CHO?
    low... eating ^ glycemic CHO could cause rebound hypoglycemia (early fatigue)
  8. What's the benefit of CHO intake during exercise?
    • ^ blood glucose
    • ^ time to exhaustion by (provides direct source of glucose of CNS, and spares muscle and live glycogen)
  9. How much CHO is recommended for every 30 minutes beyond 90 minutes?
    15-30 grams CHO
  10. If you have solid CHO opposed to liquid CHO what do you need to do?
    • take in some fluid to help digest
    • want 6% CHO electrolyte solution with 2 difference CHO substrates
  11. What is a major cause of fatigue in long duration exercise?
  12. What are the hydration recommendation for exercise?
    • 12-20 oz prior to exercise
    • 8 oz for every 15 minutes of exercise
    • 4-8% CHO beverage for exercise > 1 hour
    • avoid alcohol and caffiene
  13. How much fluid is one pound lost?
    15 oz
  14. Within an hour of exercise, how much CHO do you need to consume?
    .5 g CHO/lb
  15. For light ot moderate exercise how much protein do you need to consume?
    .8 g/kg
  16. For resistance training/ maintaining muscle how much protein do you need?
  17. To build muscles how much protein and calories do you need?
    • .9-1.4g/kg protein
    • 300-500 extra calories
  18. How much iron do females lose a day, and how much do they absorb?
    • lose: 2 mg/day
    • absorb: 1 mg/day
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