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  1. a condition peculiar to premature infants; characterized by opaque tissue behind the lens resulting from a high concentration of oxygen, which causes spasm of the retinal vessels, leads to retinal detachment, and arrests eye growth and dev; prevented by keeping oxygen administration as low as possible and discontinuing the oxygen as soon as possible.
    retinopathy of prematurity
  2. graphic record of the findings of an audiometer
  3. certified allied health worker, often with advanced degrees; trained in the identification, diagnosis, measurement, and rehabilitation of hearing impairment.
  4. instrument used to determine degree and type of hearing ability
  5. pertaining to ear
  6. unit for expressing the relative loudness of a sound; abbreviation dB
  7. the sense by which sounds are percieved; conversion of sound waves into nerve impulses, which are then interpreted by the brain
  8. inflammation of the ear
  9. inflammation of the middle ear
    otitis media
  10. physician specialist in otology, the branch of medicine dealing with the anatomy, physiology, pathology, and treatment of the ear
  11. recognizing spoken words by watching the speaker's lips, face, and gestures
  12. TDD
    telecommunication device for deaf
  13. noise in the ears, as ringing, buzzing, or roaring
  14. TTY
    text telephone device
  15. instrument used to test for hearing loss; vibrations of the fork produce sounds waves that can be heard in both ears by a person with normal hearing when the stem is placed on top of the head; sound is heard louder in an ear affected by conductive loss and softer in an ear affected by senosrineural loss
    tuning fork
  16. ear drum; vibrates when sounds waves strike; transmits waves to nerve endings by way of ossicles in the middle ear and cochlea in the inner ear
    tympanic membrane
  17. sensation of rotation or movement of one's self (subjective vertigo) or one's surroundings (objective vertigo; a subtype of dizziness, but not a synonym
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