1. hyperacidity / hypoacidity
    excessive acidity / little acidity
  2. hyperglycemia / hypoglycemia
    high level of sugar in blood / low
  3. hypertension / hypotension
    high blood pressure / low
  4. hyperthermia / hypothermia
    high fever (hyperprexia) / low temperature
  5. hyperthyroid / hypothyroid
    too much thyroid gland activity / too little
  6. hyperactive
    too active
  7. hyperbole
    exaggeration of statement
  8. hypercritical
    too critical
  9. hyperemia
    too much blood
  10. hyperopia
  11. hypersensitive
    too sensitive
  12. hypertrophy
    excessive growth/development
  13. hypodermic
    injected under the skin
  14. hypothesis
    theory assumed as a basis of reasoning
  15. hypothetical
    conjectural, assumed without proof of reasoning
  16. endocrine / exocrine
    secreting internally / externally
  17. endogamy / exogamy
    marriage inside tribe or group / marriage outside
  18. endogenous / exogenous
    produced inside, internal causes / produced outside, external causes
  19. endoskeleton / exoskeleton
    skeleton inside an animal / skeleton outside (shell)
  20. endosmosis / exosmosis
    osmosis inward / outward
  21. endocarditis
    inflammation of the lining of the heart
  22. endoderm
    membrane tissue in digestive tract
  23. endoparasite
    parasite living inside host
  24. entophyte
    plant inside another plant
  25. exoteric
    known externally (publicly), understandable
  26. exotic
    foreign, strange
  27. autarchy
    rule by an absolute sovereign
  28. hierarchy
    body of rulers in ranks
  29. matriarchy / patriarchy
    women in rule / men in rule
  30. monarchy
    rule by a single person
  31. oligarchy
    rule by a few people
  32. geocentric
    the earth as a center, measured from earth's center
  33. geodetic
    math dealing with earth's shape/dimensions
  34. geography
    study of earth's climate, people, etc
  35. geology
    earth's rocks
  36. geometry
    math dealing with lines, angles, etc. "measurement of land"
  37. geomorphic
    shape of earth/form of its surface
  38. geophysics
    science of the forces that modify the earth
  39. geopolitics
    study of government and its policies as they're affected by physical geography
  40. geoponics
    art/science of agriculture, "working of the earth"
  41. georgic
  42. geotropism
    response to gravity (roots going down)
  43. apogee
    farthest point from the earth in the orbit of a heavenly body. ANT- perigee
  44. antipathy
    dislike, aversion
  45. apathy
    lack of feeling
  46. empathy
    complete understanding of another's feelings
  47. pathetic / pathos
    arousing pity
  48. sympathy
  49. telepathy
    sharing of thoughts with no actual communication
  50. homeopathy
    treatment of a disease with small amounts of remedy that if given to a healthy person in large amounts would cause the disease
  51. osteopath
    practitioner of osteopathy / manipulator of bones
  52. pathogenic / pathological
    causing disease / due to disease
  53. psychopath
    mental illness
  54. amorphous
    having no definite form
  55. anthromorphic
    giving human characteristics to non human things (gods)
  56. dimorphous
    2 distinct forms
  57. endomorphic
    having a heavy body build
  58. heteromorphic
    diversity in form
  59. morphology
    branch of biology dealing with form/structure of animals and plants
  60. pericardium
    membrane around the heart
  61. perihelion
    nearest point to the sun in the orbit of a heavenly body
  62. periodontics
    dentistry dealing with diseases of the bone and gum tissues supporting the teeth
  63. peripatetic
    traveling about
  64. peripheral
    on the boundary, not essential
  65. periphrastic
    expressed in a roundabout way
  66. periscope
    lets people in a submarine see the surface
  67. peristalsis
    wavelike contraction of the walls of the intestines
  68. peristyle
    row of columns around a building, enclosed space
  69. peritonitis
    inflammation of the membrane lining the abdominal cavity
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