Psych NUR 881

  1. What is mood?
    report by the client

    eg: elated; euphoric; depressed; dysthymic; labile (up and down continuously); cyclothymic (short periods of mild depression and mania)
  2. What is affect?
    physical manifestion of client's mood

    • -Incongruent: mood and affect don't match
    • -Flat affect: does not demonstrate emotion
    • -Blunted: Limited expression
    • -Sad: body language implies sadness; eye contact downcast; stooped posture; facial expression
  3. What is emotion?
    • Feelings
    • -shown by patient
    • -identified by provider on assessment
  4. What are the risk factors for depression?
    • Prior episode of depression
    • Family history of depressive disorder
    • Lack of social support (need at least 1)
    • Lack of coping abilities
    • Presence of stressors
    • Current substance use/abuse
    • Medical co-morbidity
  5. What is the physiological etiology of depression?
    Depression correlates to increased glucocorticoids or corticotropin releasing factor; decrease in amount of monoamine neurotransmitters; increased stress; genetics

    Combined neuro-bio-psycho-social etiology

    Anxiety often present with depression
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