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  1. What is assessment?
    review chart and orders, talk to pt and family, collect and analyze data
  2. what is diagnosis?
    Your clinical judgement of pt needs, prioritize them.
  3. what is planning?
    To develop a plan of action and goals, which need to be measurable
  4. What is implementing?
    Carrying out the propsed plan of care
  5. What is evaluation?
    -ask yourself these questions

    • -did the plan work?
    • -were the goals met?
    • -was diagnosis resolved?
    • -are there any new problems? if so start back with assessment.
  6. In assessing what and who will provide the information?
    the Pt , family and the chart
  7. Why is data recorded?
    for continuity of care and communication
  8. What are some good communication techniques?
    Listening, silence, restating , reflection,clarifaction, focusing, broad openings, humor, informing, sharing perceptions
  9. What is the purpose of health education?
    because without adequate knowledge and training in self care skills, consumers cannot make an informed decision about their health. (smeltzer)
  10. What is the nursing implication in health education?
    To educate the pt/family and to be a good role model in all settings
  11. What is it called when a pt is physically and emotionally ready to learn?
    Learning Readiness
  12. Cold, Clammy, hunger, thirst, fast weak pulse, hypotension, and mental changes are all sings of what?
  13. What is it called when insulin is given in the same spot repeatedly and the tissue gets damaged?
  14. What are the some guidelines to follow for pts with DM regarding when they are sick?
    • -monitor BS q 3-4 hours
    • -continue medications
    • -continue to eat small easy to digest meals
    • -notify DR if BS is >300
  15. How do exercise and insulin relate?
    exercise improves insulin sensitivity and improves glucose metablolism. If hypoglycemic eat a small snack before exercising.
  16. Oral antidiabetics such as Glyburide,Metformin, repaglinide are used as treatment for type 1 or type 2 DM?
    These are medications that are given for Type 2 DM
  17. What is the nutrition guidelines for type 2 DM?
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