English Chapter 4-5 Vocab

  1. Deterrent
    Something that discourages or prevents a certain action
  2. Inequity
    Injustance; unfairness; an instance of injustice
  3. Innovation
    A new custom, method, or invention; something newly introduce.
  4. Subjective
    Base on personal opinions, feelsing and attitudes; not objective.
  5. Succinct
    Expressed clearly in a few words; to the point; concise
  6. Revitalize
    To renew the strength and energy of; restore to a vigorous. active condition.
  7. Infirmity
    A physical eakness or defect; aliment
  8. Sparse
    Distributed thinly; not thick or crowded.
  9. Infringe
    To intrude or trespass on; to go beyond the limits considered proper.
  10. Implication
    An idea that is communicated indirectly, through a suggestion or hint.
  11. Arbitrary
    Determined by personal judgement, not rule or reason; based on impluse.
  12. Mercenary
    Motivated only by financial gain; greedy.
  13. Allusion
    An indirect reference
  14. Syndrome
    A group of symtoms typical of a particular disease or condition.
  15. Euphemism
    A mild or vague term used as a substitute for one considered offensive or unpleasant
  16. Appease
    To calm, especially by giving in to the demands of.
  17. Banal
    Lacking originality; overused; commonplace.
  18. Taint
    To stain the honor or someone or something.
  19. Assail
    To attack physically or verbally
  20. Altruistic
    Unselfishy concerned for the welfare of others; unselfish
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