Developmental Psych

  1. human development
    multidisciplinary study of how people change and remain the same over time.
  2. What is the nature vs nurture issue?
    degree to which genetic or hereditary influences (nature) and experiential or environmental influences (nurture) determine the kind of person you are.
  3. What is the continuity vs discontinuity issue?
    weather development represents a smooth progression throughout the life span or abrupt shifts
  4. Describe the Universal vs context-specific development issue
    weather development follows one path or several
  5. What are the four basic forces in the biosychosocial framework?
    • Biological
    • Psychological
    • Sociocultural
    • Life cycle
  6. Psychodynamic Theory
    development is determined by how well people resolve conflict at different ages
  7. Who proposed that personality development is determined by the interaction of internal maturation plan and external societal demands?
    Erik Erikson - psychosocial theory
  8. What is the epigenetic principle?
    Each pyschosocial strength has its own special period of particular importance (Erikson's 8 stages)
  9. Who studied operant conditioning?
    BF Skinner - consequences of a behavior determine weather a behavior is repeated in the future
  10. reinforcement
    consequence that increases the future liklihood of the behavior that it follows
  11. punishment
    consequence that decreases future liklihood of the behavior that it follows
  12. what is negative reinforcement?
    rewarding by taking away something unpleasant
  13. Observational learning
    learning by watching how others behave
  14. What was Piaget's cognitive development theory?
    children try to make sense of their surroundings
  15. Information processing theory
    proposing that human cognition consists of a mental hardware and software
  16. ecological theory
    human development inseparable from environmental contexts in which a person develops
  17. lifecourse perspective
    ways in which different generations experience the different framworks of development in their respective historical concepts
  18. systematic observation
    watching people and recording what they do or say
  19. naturalistic observation
    people are observed as they behave in a real life situation
  20. structured observation
    researcher creates a setting that is likely to elicit the behavior of interest
  21. self reports
    people's answers to questions about the topic of interest
  22. reliability
    extent to which a measure provides a consistent index of a characteristic
  23. validity
    weather something really measures what you want it to measure
  24. population
    broad groups of people of interest
  25. sample
    small subset of population of interest
  26. correlational study
    looking at relations b/t variables as they exist naturally in the world
  27. correlation coefficient
    an expression of the strength and direction of a realtion b/t two variables
  28. independent variable
    factor being manipulated
  29. dependent variable
    behavior being observed
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