Chp. 19

  1. Population
    A group of organisms that belong to the same species and live in a particular place at the same time
  2. Population Density
    Measures how crowded a population is
  3. Dispersion
    The spatial distribution of individuals within the population
  4. Birth Rate
    The number of births occuring in a period of time
  5. Death Rate
    The number of deaths in a period of time
  6. Life Expectancy
    How long on average an individual is expected to live
  7. Age Structure
    The distribution of individuals among different ages in a population
  8. Survivorship
    Curves that show the probability that members of a population will survive to a certain age
  9. Growth Rate
    The rate by which a population's size changes in a given time
  10. Immigration
    The movement of individuals into a population
  11. Emigration
    The movement of individuals out of the population
  12. Exponential Model
    The observation that populations can grow in a pattern
  13. Limiting Factor
    Any factor, such as space, that restrains the growth of a population
  14. Logistic Model
    Population growth builds on the exponential model but accounts for the influence of limiting factors
  15. Carrying Capacity
    The number of individuals the environment can support over a long period of time
  16. Density-independent Factor
    Two kinds of limiting factors, which control population size, have been identified
  17. Density-dependent Factors
    Include resource limitations, such as shortages of food or nesting sites, and are triggered by increasing population size
  18. Inbreeding
    Mating with relatives
  19. Hunter-gatherer Lifestyle
    Studying the way of life of the hunter-gatherer societies
  20. Agricultural Revolution
    Dramatic change in lifestyle
  21. Developed Countries
    Categories that include all of the world's modern, industrialized countries
  22. Developing Countries
    A category that includes most countries in Asia, Central America, South America, and Africa
  23. Demographic Transition
    Model that shows how these population changes happen
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