Acting Class

    Long ago in a Tlinglit village, the chiefs son Kookash and a boy named Kaats' were great friends. Every day they played together, making bows and arrows and shooting them from the top of a hill near the village. They played so hard that they sometimes forgot to come home for dinner.
  2. The moon has captured my friend!
    thought Kookash, frantic. For a moment he stood helplessly in the middle of the bows and arrows he and Kaats' had made that day.
  3. As soon as he could reach it, Kookash
    began to pull himself up the arrow chain. For hours he climbed, growing more and more tired and hungry, but never thinking of abandoning his friend. At last he reached the surface of the star and, exhausted, climbed on to it and fell asleep.
  4. "Psst!" Kookash whispered to his friend
    "I've come to help you." He put the pine cone down on the platform and told it to cry like Kaat's. Then he quickly pulled his friend out, and the two boys ran away, leaving the pine cone crying.
  5. When the boys reached the old woman's house,
    they hugged each other for joy. The old woman fed them and then told Kookash how he and Kaats' could get home again. "You must go outside and lie down where you slept when you first got here," She said, "Lie there and think of nothing but home."
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