PS Chapter 3&4

  1. Political Participation
    Political actions by inividuals and groups. The objective is to influence avtions or selection og political rulers
  2. Foot Soldiers
    Activists who o the basic work of politics. Link government and top political leaership to the masses by performing tasks like campaigning
  3. Extremists
    Outsiders who are willing to engage in extensive political action in pursuit of their own version of an ieal outcome.
  4. Revolutionary (Terrorists)
    Person who desires to overthrow the existing political order and replace it with a different one. (violence may be used)
  5. Material Resources
    $$ given to influence public policies
  6. Exchanging info
    changes in rules and laws
  7. Associational Interest Group
    Organized specifically to further political objectives of it's members (MADD)
  8. Institutional
    Pursues political objectives and achieves goals other than affecting political system. Informal subunit whose primary purpose is to represent the groups interest in the political system
  9. Nonassociational
    Social movement - activists on an issue of social change become more strained. Supporters increase in # and in loyalty. Becomes an organized campaign spread
  10. Ideological Parties
    Have mahor progmatic goals (egalitarianism, solidarity, ethinic..) and are deeply committed to full implementation of goals. (American Libertarian Parties)
  11. Pragmatic Parties
    Hold flexible goals and are oriented toward incremental policy change
  12. Explanatory Factor: Environment
    Influences like our political behavior, includes elements like policies, actors, an political events
  13. Explanatory Factor: Political Environment
    Effects on information about politics- in the US politically intereste citizens have constant access to info.. The effects on indiviuals' party involvement
  14. Explanatory Factor: Socialization
    Second most influential .. Teacher encourages and rewards thinking to shape what nation wants
  15. Politcal Personality
    what makes someone act a certain way
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