cit327 packets

  1. Simplex transmission
    • Occurs in only one direction
    • Rarely used in wireless communication today except for broadcast radio and television
  2. Half-duplex transmission
    • Sends data in both directions but only one way at a time
    • Ex: walkie-talkies
  3. Full-duplex transmission
    • Allows data to flow in both directions simultaneously
    • EX: telephone
  4. Switching
    Involves moving the signal from one wire or frequency to another
  5. Circuit switching
    • Type of switching used by telephone systems
    • A dedicated and direct physical connection is made between the caller and the recipient
  6. Packet switching
    • Used by data networks
    • Data transmissions are broken into packets
    • Each packet is sent independently
  7. Packet switching advantages
    • Allows better utilization of the network
    • Allows multiple computers to share the same line or frequency
    • If a transmission error occurs it would usually affects only one or a few packets
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