Wine Foundation 5.txt

  1. State two aspects of a food, other than the color of the meat, that impact what wine to pair with it
    Cooking method, sauces
  2. State why high acid wines often pair well with food
    Cuts through fatty foods, complements salty foods
  3. Name a type of food that would be complemented by a tannic wine & one that would clash
    • Complement: bitter greens
    • Clash: Something sweet like chocolate cake
  4. Name a food item that is not wine friendly and what type of wine you might choose
    Artichoke or asparagus. Pair with Gruner Veltliner.
  5. State how you might modify a food dish to improve a wine pairing
    Add salt or acid (lemon juice), sometimes adding same wine during cooking
  6. Name a classic wine pairing for caviar
    Champagne or iced Vodka
  7. Name a classic wine pairing for foie gras
    Sauterne or Tokaji Aszu
  8. Name a classic wine pairing for chocolate
    Port or Banyuls
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