Wine Foundation 1.txt

  1. State the difference in labeling between Old & New World regions
    • Old = Place, Region, Village, etc
    • New = Varietal
  2. State the type of labeling that is being phased out & why
    • What: General Labeling
    • WHY: The EU is regaining control of their 'place' names
    • EX: Wine grown in CA labeled 'Chablis'
  3. Name the species of grape used for fine wine (bonus: Name the American species of grape vine)
    Vinifera (bonus answer: Vitis Lambrusca)
  4. Define Phylloxera and state the solution
    • An aphid-like insect that eats (and kills) root stock
    • Solution: American root stock (Phylloxera doesn't like it)
  5. Define verasion
    When grapes change color from green to red, usually in August
  6. Define terroir
    Anything that contributes to the sense of 'place'
  7. Define organic
    Grapes grown without use of pesticides or chemicals
  8. Define maceration
    When phenolic materials of the grape like tannins, color, flavor are leached from the skins, seeds, and stems into the must (freshly pressed juice)
  9. Define Malo-lactic Conversion
    AKA: MLF

    The process where tart-tasting malic acid naturally present in grape must is converted to softer-tasting lactic acid

    Red wines always go through MLF. Optional/Partial for white wines
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