Medical Record: Administering Drugs

  1. tablet (tab)
    oral [per os (p.o)]: by mouth
  2. capsule (cap)
    • sulingual (SL): under the tongue
    • buccal:in the cheek
  3. suppository (suppos)
    • vaginal [per vagina (PV)]: inserted in vagina
    • rectal [per rectum (PR)] : inserted in retum
  4. fluid
    inhalation: inhaled through nose or mouth [e.g,aersol (spray) or neblizer (device used to produce a fine spray or mist,often in a metered dose)]
  5. parenteral
    • by injection
    • intradermal (ID): within the skin
    • intramuscular (IM): within the muscle
    • intravenous (IV): within the vein
    • subcutaneous (sub-Q, SC,SQ): within the skin
  6. Cream, Lotion, Ointment
    tropical: applied to the surface of the skin
  7. other delivery systems
    • transdermal: absorptionof a drug through unbroken skin
    • implanted: a drug reservior imbedded in the body to provide continual infusion of a medication
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Medical Record: Administering Drugs
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