Constitution Test

  1. What are the three branches of the government
    • legislative
    • executive
    • judicial
  2. Can the president veto a bill?
  3. Which branch of the government is the supreme court a part of
    the judicial branch
  4. Congress is a part of which branch
    the legislative
  5. Which branch is the president a member of
    the executive
  6. True or False:
    the only objection the colonists had toward British rule concernced trade regulations
  7. True or False:
    When the First Contenental Congres met, the members wanted to declare war against England
  8. True or false:
    The constitutional convention was held in philadelphia in 1787
  9. The Decleration was written by who?
    A:Jefferson B:Washington C:Adams D: BOB
    D jkkjkjk A
  10. The declaration was sighned an adopted in:
    A: 1996 B:1775 C 1776 or D: 1779
  11. The Declartion was authorized by who?
    The Second Continal Congress. Foo
  12. True or false
    The decleration of independence is not a constitution
    True man if you got that wrong jeez man
  13. True or false
    the principles of the decleration of independence were used in writting the U.S Constituion
  14. True or False
    The deceleration was written in Washington DC
    False bro Phildelphia
  15. True or Fake
    The first constitutonal Convention was held in Phildelphia in 1787.
  16. Ture or False
    The fedralists were against the constitution
    False they liked the idea
  17. Which animal Symbols the democratic party
    Which animal symbols the republican party?
    1 donkey

    2 Elephant
  18. Which symbol does this paryt belong to
    Image Upload 2
    democratic party
  19. Which symbol doe this party belong to
    Image Upload 4
    Repbulican party
  20. True or false
    Our country does not allow immigrants
    false dude who do you think helps makes cars and stuff s a
  21. True or freakin false
    most proposed amendments to the constituion are passed
    Freakin False
  22. Ture or False
    Jefferson supported the idea for the bill of rights
    true true true true!
  23. False or true
    The right to a trial by jury is in the bill of rights
  24. True or false
    George mason wrote the virginia Decleration of Rights
  25. True or false
    The first ten amendements make up the bill of rights
  26. True or false
    the biil of rights applies to all levels of goverment
  27. True or false
    the bill of rights protects freedom of speech even if the speech is un popular
  28. Did the minute men help the british in the battle of lexington
    no the were against each other
  29. When did the boston tea party accur and why
    In 1773 and because the british were taxing tea to high
  30. When was the bill of rights adopted by congress
  31. Was florida one of the original 13 colonies
  32. True or false
    one reason the constitution has lasted is that it has preserved the union
  33. The colonists especially like the british Quartering act and the sugar act
    not true
  34. What are the goals of the preamble
    To form a perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide the common deffense promot the general welfare and secure the blessings to our selves and our proseterity
  35. In which part of the article would you find out about the
    excutive branch
    Article 2 article 1 article 3
  36. How many amendements does the constituion have
  37. which amendements are called the bill of rights
    the first 10
  38. Who are the federal judges appointed by
    the president
  39. What is the mane duty of the legislative branch?
    to make our countrys laws
  40. Does the president of the united states have the power to call congress into a special session
    yes he does
  41. Congress meets in many of our major cities
    not true they meet at the capital building in washington dc
  42. Who approves or rejects treaties
  43. Starts all revenue bills
    the house of represinatives
  44. Does the president have to accept every bill
    no he can pocket veto them
  45. What happens if there is a vancancy in the snators office
    the govener fills that spot temporary
  46. how many senators are there
  47. do the senators must be men
    no many of them are women
  48. Each third of the senate is called a
  49. how long of terms do reprisenatives serve
    two years
  50. all revenue bills must start at the house
  51. how old do you have to be to become a senator
    30 or over
  52. who is the presending officer of the senate
    the vice president
  53. How many cabneits are there
  54. how many memebers of the hous are there
  55. what was designed to favor small states
    the senate
  56. Can a senator be reelected unlimited times
  57. Who became the first woman speaker of the house after the 2006 elections
    Nancy Pelosi
  58. In congress where are bills sent for consideration
    the senate
  59. What is the presidents role in law making
    he either passes the bill that becomes a law or vetos the bill
  60. What is a pocket veto
    When a bill has not been acted on for more than ten days
  61. Were must revenue bills begins
    the house of represenatives
  62. True or false does congress veto laws
  63. True or false the president can declare laws unconstutional
  64. who makes the contries laws
    the legislatives branch
  65. who enforces the contries laws
  66. which branch has to houses
  67. The president is head of the
    executive branch
  68. can a state tax commerce between two states
  69. who is responsible for coining and printing money
    the treasury Department
  70. Is congress allowed to tax goods being exported from a state, even if the goods are going to a foreign country
    no they are not
  71. What is a writ of habeas corpus
    it is the order to a jailer to bring a prisoner before a court or to set the prisoner free
  72. States make laws about local goverments
    yup yup yup
  73. Both state and federal goverment may establish courts.
    Yes sir
  74. State goverments may do what ever the federal goverment may do
    not true
  75. State goverments have three branches like federal goverm,ents
    true true
  76. States may coin money but they may not pass ex post facto laws
  77. what are the qualfications of being president
    must be a natural born american at least 35 years of age has to be an american for 14 years
  78. how much dough does the president make
  79. who were the two presidents that impeached
    William Clinton and Andrew Jackson
  80. The president can be re elected unlimited times
    no only twice
  81. who is the head of the excutive branch
    the president.
  82. This department is charged with foreign affairs, including participating in the Unitited Nations, issuing passports, and runing our foreign embassies
    The Secretary of State
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