1. are chemical messengers secreted into the blood stream and stimulate the cells of another tissue or organ. They affect only cells that have receptors for them which is how they are controlled (no master control center)
  2. has an anterior and posterior portion
    Pituitary Gland
  3. is also known as adenohypophysis
    Anterior Pituitary Gland
  4. is known as the neurohypophysis, not considered a true gland; it is a mass of neuroglia and nerve
    fibers that actually arise from bodies in the hypothalamus.
    Posterior Pituitary Gland
  5. cell bodies synthesis hormones that will be transported down the infundibulum and stored in the posterior pituitary. Two hormones stored there are antidiuretics hormone and oxytocin but are produced in hypothalamus
    Hypothalamic or Hypothalamus
  6. prevents dehydration by increasing water retention. It is also known as vasopressin. This causes vassal constriction to increase the blood pressure
    Antidiuretics Hormone
  7. is a hormone released during childbirth causing smooth muscles of uterus to contract causing contractions. (positive feedback). signal will cause signal causing more hormone to be produce which will increase contractions, stimulates muscles around the mammary
    glands forcing milk to flow to nipple , release in surges during sexual arousal and orgasm.
  8. is a releasing hormone that promotes TSH & PRL
    TSH or Throtropin
  9. is a releasing hormone that promotes ACTH
    CRH or Corticotrophin
  10. is a releasing hormone that promotes FSH & LH
    GNRH or Gonadotropin
  11. is a releasing hormone that promotes prolactin
    PRH or Prolactin
  12. is a releasing hormone that promotes GH secretion
    GHRH or Growth Hormone
  13. is an inhibiting hormone that inhibits prolactin PRL
    PIH or Prolactin
  14. is a inhibiting hormone that inhibits GH & TSH secretions
  15. is a stimulating hormone for gonadotropins (sex organs). In the female it stimulates egg development
    and in the male it produces sperm production
    FSH or Follicle
  16. is a stimulating hormone for gonadotropins.
    If females it stimulates ovulations and stimulates the egg to produces estrogen and progesterone. In the male it stimulates interstitial cells of the testes to secrete testosterone.
    LH or Luteinizing
  17. is a stimulating hormone. It stimulates growth of the thyroid and secretion in thyroid hormones (T3 and T4)
    TSH or Thyroid
  18. is a stimulating hormone. It stimulates the adrenal cortex to secrete hormones particularly cortisol.
    ACTH or Adrenocorticotropic
  19. is a stimulating hormone, not tropic. In
    the female these rise during pregnancy, has no effect until after pregnancy and stimulate milk production. In the male it makes the testes more sensitive to the luteinizing hormone producing more testosterone.
    PRL or Prolactin
  20. promotes tissue growth of bones, muscle and cartilage, 1000 times more produced than any other hormone in the body, stimulates the liver to produce growth factor or stimulates.
    GH or Growth Hormone
  21. is going to have control hormones that are released to anterior pituitary 2 of which are inhibiting. None of the 7 released here will have a direct affect yet. It is basically a control mechanism that will cause the release of other hormones.
  22. releases sleep hormone called melatonin (sleepy). It also secretes serotonin (happy).
    Pineal Gland
  23. patients suffer severe depression with not getting enough sunlight
    SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder
  24. can be helped with a couple hours of sun light or photo therapy
  25. is an important component of serotonin. This might be a great alternative over Prozac, along with omega 3 from
    fish and exercise 3-4 times per week
  26. is present in turkey causing you to get sleepy
  27. is an amino acid that moves into the follicle
  28. is the training ground for your t-lymphocytes and pertains to your immune system. It secretes 2 hormones;
    thymopoietin and thymosin. They stimulate t-lymphocytes development and activation
  29. weighs 2/3 of ounce and secretes T3 and T4, primary function is to increase the metabolic rate. Function will increase during colder weather to keep you warmer. It accelerates the catabolism of fats, carbs and proteins for the use of fuel. Proper functions will help with alertness and increases the increase the secretion of growth hormones, and regulates blood cholesterol levels.
    Thyroid Gland
  30. would have decreased energy, decreased alertness, colder extremities, weak nails and weight gain
  31. is secreted by thyroid. It is secreted when blood calcium levels are too high. This will cause bone deposition (driving calcium back into the bone)
  32. will drive the thyroid into hypothyroidism. Men can suffer from estrogen dominance as well. This can be caused by synthetic exposure to estrogens, eggs, red meat, milk, and soy. It can increase the chance of breast and/or thyroid cancer
    Estrogen Dominance
  33. produces one hormone called the parathyroid hormone. It activates vitamin D, promotes intestinal
    calcium absorption, and inhibits urinary excretion of calcium. It overall purpose is to regulate the calcium
    in the blood. Opposite effect of Calcitonin
  34. has two halves; adrenal medulla and the adrenal cortex
    Adrenal Gland
  35. consists of neurons. It is referred to as the sympathetic nervous system. (fight or flight). They are called epinephrine and norepinephrine.
    Adrenal Medulla
  36. is also known as adrenalin. It also inhibits insulin secretion sharpening thinking ability making muscles use alternative fuel. They use gluconeogenesis. This is produced by fat and proteins. It increases blood pressure and air flow. It will accelerate the breakdown of glycogen. Dopamine is also released
    with adrenalin.
  37. has 3 layers; Zona Glomerulosa, Zona Fasciculata, and the Zona Reticularis
    Adrenal Cortex
  38. is the outer layer of the adrenal cortex. It produces a hormone called aldosterone. This hormone acts on the kidneys to control electrolyte balance and promotes sodium retention
    Zona Glomerulosa
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