BMR Assignment 4

  1. What is the most reliable indication of a blocked airway?
    Inability to speak
  2. When helping a choking person, what is the 1st action?
    Clear victims mouth of any food or objects
  3. What amount of blood loss will cause a person to go into shock?
    2 pints
  4. What is a sign of arterial bleeding form surface of skin?
    Gushing spurts of bright red blood
  5. To contril bleeding what should be the first step?
    Direct Pressure
  6. What is meant by pressure points in the human body?
    Place where the main artery is close to the surface of the skin and over a bone
  7. If battle dressing is required, who can loosen it?
    Medical personnel
  8. Can shock cause death?
  9. When should you treat for shock?
    As soon as possible after injury occurs
  10. What is the basic position when treating for shock?
    Place head lower than feet
  11. A person overcome by CO poisoning will have what symptoms?
    • Sudden feeling of weakness
    • Headache
    • Drowsiness
  12. On the Fouled Chiefs Anchor, the USN stands for what?
    • Unity
    • Service
    • Navigation
  13. What do the links of Chain represent on the Chiefs Fouled Anchor?
    Brotherhood of the CPO Mess
  14. Why is the Chiefs Fouled Anchor gold?
    To signify the Fire of testing to refinement
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BMR Assignment 4
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