quiz #1 – spinal cord injury

  1. what is the most common cause of spinal cord injuries
    • motor vehicle accidents – 47.7%
    • falls-20.8%
    • sports – 14.2%
  2. what sport has the most spinal cord injuries
    • diving – 37%
    • football – 16%
  3. true or false – 80% of spinal cord injuries happen to men

    Typically have dangerous jobs and reckless behavior
  4. true or false – 66% of spinal cord injuries occur in caucasians
  5. what is average age of someone that has a spinal cord injury
    40 years old
  6. true or false – 70% of patients who suffer from a spinal cord injury have less than a high school education
  7. how much does it cost the nation each year to treat spinal cord injury patients
    9.7 billion
  8. what kind of fracture is this
    Image Upload 1
    • compression fracture
    • caused by a loading on the head or butt
  9. what kind of fracture is this
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    burst fracture
  10. what is this condition
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    dislocation of vertebrae
  11. what is this condition
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    • hyperextension injury
    • anterior longitudinal ligament strain
  12. what is spinal shock
    initial peroid after injury when there is no sensation, no voluntary control, no reflexes; may last few hours to weeks
  13. What sign shows you that spinal shock is wearing off
    anal wink
  14. what is autonomic dysreflexia
    • pathologicaautonomic response to noxious stimulus – pain, full bladder, pressure sores, cold etc.
    • occurs with spinal cord injuries rostral to T6
    • Vasoconstriction below injury produces hypotension
    • Vasodilation of of injury produces headaches, blurred vision, nausea, diaphoresis
  15. What is heterotopic ossification
    fusion of hips
  16. true or false – a spinal cord injury will typically decrease life expectancy
  17. what are the characteristics of Brown Sequard spinal cord injury
    • hemi-transection of the cord
    • s/s – loss of function or weakness of upper and lower extremities of ipsilateral side and loss of pain and temperature on contralateral
  18. what is the cause of Brown Sequard spinal cord injury
    • caused by ruptured disc or penetrating trauma
    • knife wounds
  19. what are the characteristics of anterior cord syndrome
    • flexion injuries
    • decreased sensation of pain and temperature below the lesion
    • intact light touch and proprioception
    • paralysis
  20. what is the cause of anterior cord syndrome
    caused by pressure to anterior spinal cord by ruptured disc or fragments
  21. what are the characteristics of central cord syndrome
    • greater motor impairment in the upper than in the lower extremities
    • sacral sparing
  22. what is the cause of central cord syndrome
    hyperextension with lateral flexion
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