Vocab Unit 4

  1. Affiliated
    Associated or connected
  2. Ascertain
    To find out
  3. Attainment
    An accomplishment or the act of achieving
  4. Bequeath
    To give or pass on as an inheritance
  5. Cogent
    Forceful or to the point
  6. Converge
    To move toward one point or to come together
  7. Disperse
    To scatter or spread far and wide
  8. Esteem
    • To regard highly
    • A highly favorable opinion or judgement
  9. Expunge
    To erase or destroy
  10. Finite
    Having limits or lasting for a limited time
  11. Invulnerable
    Not able to be wounded
  12. Malevolent
    Spiteful or showing illwill
  13. Nonchalant
    Cool and confident or unconcern
  14. Omniscient
    All knowing
  15. Panacea
    A remedy for all ills
  16. Scrupulous
    Careful about details
  17. Skulk
    Move about stealthfully or lie in hiding
  18. Supercilious
    Proud and contemtious
  19. Uncanny
    Strange or beyond believable
  20. Venial
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