surgical terms

  1. ablation
    removal or destruction of tissue by cutting, electrical energy, chemical substances or excessive heat application
  2. acromioplasty
    repair of the part of the shoulder blade that connects to the deltoid muscles and clavicle
  3. allograft
    graft from one individual to another of the same species
  4. amputation
    removal of all or part of a limb or digit through the shaft or body of a bone
  5. anastomosis
    surgically created connection between ducts, blood vessels or bowel segments to allow flow from one to another.
  6. antibody
    immunoglobin or protective protien encoded within its building block sequence to interact only with its specific antigen
  7. arthrodesis
    surgical fixation or fusion of a joint ot reduce pain and improve stability, performed openly or arthroscopically
  8. arthroplasty
    surgical reconstruction of a joint ot improve function and reduce pain; may involve partial or total joint replacement.
  9. arthrotomy
    surgical incision into a joint that may include exploration, drainage, or removal of a foreign body
  10. arthroscopy
    use of an endoscope to examine the interior of a joint, or to perform surgery on joint structure
  11. aspiration
    drawing fluid out by suction
  12. augmentation
    add to or increase the substance of a body site, usually performed as a plastic reconstructive measures. may involve the use of an implant or prosthesis, especially within soft tissue or grafting procedures(bone tissue)
  13. benign
    mild or nonmalignant in nature
  14. biopsy
    tissue or fluid removed for diagnostic purposes through analysis of the cells in the biopsy material
  15. calculus
    abnormal stonelike concretion of calcium, cholesterol, mineral salts, or other substances that forms in any part of the body
  16. cauterize
    heat or chemicals used to burn or cut
  17. centesis
  18. commissure
    juncture where two corresponding parts come together especially referring to the union site of adjacent heart valve cusps
  19. culture
    growth of microorganisms in a medium conductive to their development.
  20. curettage
    removal of tissue by scraping
  21. debridement
    removal of dead or contaminated tissue and foreign matter from a wound
  22. decubitus
    patient lying on the side
  23. dehiscence
    complication of healing in which the surgical wound ruptures or burstes open, superficially or through multiple layers
  24. dislocation
    displacement of a bone in relation to its neighboring tissue especially a joint
  25. dorsum
    back side or back part of the body or individual anatomical structure
  26. ectopic
    fertilized ovum that abnormally implants and develops outside the uterus(such at fallopian tubes, ovary, abdomen, or cervix)
  27. edentulous
  28. *embolism
    obstruction of a blood vessel resulting from a clot or foreign substance
  29. endoscopy
    visual inspectinon of the body using a fiberoptic scope
  30. evisceration
    removal of contents of a cavity
  31. excise
    remove or cut out
  32. exposure
    in sergury, to display, reveal, or make accessible
  33. external fixation
    rods and pins connected in a lattice to secure bone
  34. fixate
    hold secure, or fasten in position
  35. fossa
    indentation or shallow depression
  36. furuncle
    inclamed painful cyst or nodule on the skin caused by bacterial, often staphylococcus, entering along the hair follicle
  37. graft
    grafttissue implant from another part of the body or another person
  38. hematoma
    tumor like collection of blood in some part of the body caused by a break in a blood vessel wall usually as a result of trauma
  39. hematosis
    interruption of blood flow or the cessation or arrest of bleeding
  40. hyperthermia
    therapeutic lack of heat
  41. imaging
    radiologic means of producing pictures for clinical study of the internal structures and functions of the body,(x-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance, or positron emission tomography)
  42. in situ
    located in the natural position or contained within
  43. incise
    to cut open or into
  44. inguinal
    within the groin region
  45. insufflation
    blowing air or gas into a body cavity
  46. interpretation
    professional health care provider's review of data with a written or verbal opinoin
  47. intubate
    insertion of a tube into a body canal or organ
  48. laparotomy
    incision through the flank or abdomen for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes
  49. laryngoscopy
    examination of the larynx with an endoscope
  50. lavage
  51. ligation
    tying off a blood vessel or duct with a suture or soft thin wire
  52. lysis
    destruction breakdown, dissolution or decomp of cells or substances by specific catalyzing agent
  53. necrosis
    • tissue death
    • death of cells or tissue within a living organ or structure
  54. open fracture
    exposed break in a bone, always comsidered compound due to its high risk of infection from the open wounde leading to the fracture. broken bones may protrude through the skin and contaminants or foreign bodies are often embedded in the tissue
  55. osteomyelitis
    inflammation of bone that may remain localized or spread to the marrow, cortex or periosteum, in response to an infecting organism(usually bacterial and pyogenic)
  56. palpate
    examination by feeling with the hand
  57. procedure
    diagnostic or therapeutic service provided for the care and treatment of a patient, usually conforming to a specific set of steps or instructions
  58. prone
    lying face downward
  59. prosthesis
    man-made substitue for a missing body part
  60. radical
    extensive surgery
  61. reduction
    correction of a fracture, dislocation, or hernia to the correct place and alignment, manually or by surgery
  62. resect
    cutting out or removing a portion or all of a bone organ or other structure
  63. snare
    wire used as a loop to excise a polyp or lesion
  64. stenosis
    narrowing or constriction of a passage
  65. subluxation
    partial or complete dislocation
  66. supine
    lying on the back
  67. tenodesis
    stabilization of a joint by anchoring
  68. thoracentesis
    surgical puncture of the chest cavity with a specializzed needle or hollow tubing to aspirate fluid from withinthe pleural space for diagnostic or therapeutic reasons
  69. transection
    transverse dissection; to cut across a long axis; cross section
  70. treatment
    management of patient
  71. varices
    enlarged, dialated, or twisted, turning veins
  72. xenograft
    tissue that is nonhuman and harvested from one species and grafted to another. pigskin is the most common xenograft for human skin and is applied to a wound as a temporary closure until a permanent option is found
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