Transfusion reactions

  1. Cause of Acute HTR
    Existing Ab vs RBC Ag
  2. Mngment of Acute HTR
    treat w/ vasopressors, IV fluid, and Corticosteroids
  3. Prevention of acute HTR
    Reduce Human Error
  4. Nonhemolytic Febrile TR cause
    Ab to donor leukocyte Ag
  5. 2° cause of NHFTR
    accumulated cytokines in unit esp plts
  6. preventions of NHFTR
    Use Leukocyte reduced
  7. treatment of NHFTR
    Treat w/ an antipyretic (tylenol NOT asprin)
  8. treatment of anaphlyactic reactions
    pos pnt feet up, give flds, give epi, and give antihist, corticosteroids & B-2-agonists
  9. Cause of anaphylactic
    Ab to donor plasma prots (in pnts with congen IgA defic)
  10. Preventing anaphylacytic
    use IgA defic plasma, use washed cells
  11. Cause of TRALI
    Donor WBC Ab that react with host leukocytes
  12. Prevention of Trali
    None; exclude Multi pregnancy F from donations
  13. Treatment of Trali
    Provide respiratory support
  14. Cause of Urticarial Reactions
    Ab to donor plasma prots
  15. Treatment for urticarial reactions
    Antihistomines and slow or temp stop xfusion.
  16. Preventions for urticarial
    Administer antihistomines before xfusion.
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Transfusion reactions
Transfusion reactions