TKAM Vocab 1

  1. assuage
    (v.) to lessen or to calm

    In order to _______ Cindy's fears of the dark, her parents took alternating roles; one parent would hold Cindy close, while the other would read her a bedtime story.
  2. apothecary
    (n.) an early form of a pharmacist; can also prescribe drugs

    Lowering the prices for several of the herbal remedies, the __________ convinced the villagers to continue purchasing pharmaceutical goods from him.
  3. piety
    (n.) devotion to religious duties and practices

    Attending church every Sunday, her friends and relatives described her as a _____ and happy woman.
  4. strictures
    (n.) conditions or rules

    A year after creating the __________, the new school board had revised it accordingly to fit the needs of the schools.
  5. dictum
    (n.) in this case, a formal statement or principle

    After the tragic loss of my grandfather, many of my friends attempted to consolidate me with cliched _______, however, it was the wise words from my teachers that helped me to cope.
  6. human chattels
    (n.) slaves

    The Emancipation Proclamation, issued by President Lincoln in 1862, eventually abolished the existence of _____ ________.
  7. impotent
    (adj.) powerless

    The small boy, at the young age of six, was ________ against the bully twice is age and had his lunch money stolen daily.
  8. taciturn
    (adj.) almost always silent

    After embarrassing myself at school, I could not help but feel ________ towards my peers.
  9. spittoon
    (n.) a jarlike container to spit into; usually used to spit tobacco juice into

    The public school, needing a ________ to contain the innumerable amounts of tobacco the students chew, is known for its poor quality of the enforcement of the policies of the school board.
  10. unsullied
    (adj.) untouched, unused, pure

    In addition to her _________ criminal record, her alma mater and degree in engineering easily won her a job into the Microsoft corporation.
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