new testament ch 1

  1. essenes
    withdrawn from the world
  2. sadducees
    aristocrats,controled sanhedrin& no afterlife
  3. zealots
    resistance, terrorists
  4. judea
    nationalistic, orthodox, where temple is
  5. samaria
    northern capital, despised by jews, conquered assyrians
  6. galilee
    gentiles, nazareth
  7. jerusalem
    political and spiritual capital
  8. nazareth
    jesus' hometown
  9. hellenistic
    greek influence
  10. pharisees
    apply gods law to every area of life, artisans
  11. scribes
    scholar, taught tradtitions
  12. 10 commandments
    gods caring instuction that leads to happiness
  13. tradition
    living authentic transmission of jesus' teachings
  14. epicureans
    pleasure:friendship & god isnt involved in human affairs
  15. stoics
    life is good with nature
  16. cynics
    all pleasures are evil
  17. pax romana
    peace of mind
  18. herod the great
    idumeneaon, architecture (killed one of his wives)
  19. herod antipas
    execution of john the baptist and returned jesus to pilate
  20. pontius pilate
    killed jesus
  21. social classes
    rich and poor
  22. heart of judaism
  23. abrahams covenant
    land and decendants
  24. abrahams covenant fulfilled by
  25. who fulfilled the old covenant?
    jesus through his death and resurrection
  26. % of the poor
  27. jesus::
    preached, free,mercy,social justice, proclaim deliverance
  28. koine
    common greek
  29. cult of isis
    chastity and morality
  30. cult of dionysis
    secret rites, death and resurrection
  31. cult of demeter
  32. new test and old test,
    27 /46
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