location terms

  1. antero/
  2. centr/o
  3. ad/
  4. af/
    ad/ combined with f
  5. afferent
    to carry toward
  6. anatomy
    the science of the structure of the body
  7. anterior
    in front of
  8. biology
    the study of living things
  9. caud/o
    cauda, tail
  10. caudal (also caudad)
    toward the tail
  11. central
    relating to a center
  12. coron/o
    corona, crown
  13. coronal
    relating to the corona or crown
  14. cytology
    the study of cells
  15. distal
    farther away from the center
  16. dors/o
    dorsum, back
  17. dorsal
    relating to the back
  18. /e
    noun suffix
  19. ef/
    ex/ combined with f
  20. efferent
    to carry away from
  21. ex/, exo/
    away from, without, outside
  22. external
    outside, outer
  23. /ferent
    bear, carry
  24. histology
    the study of tissue
  25. ili/o
    the ilium (hip bone) or iliac region
  26. incision
    to cut open
  27. infer/o
    low, below
  28. inferior
  29. internal
    within, inside
  30. later/o
  31. lateral
    relating to or toward the side
  32. /ly (adverb)
    in the style of
  33. medi/o
  34. medial
    toward the middle or relating to the middle
  35. midsagittal
    pertaining to the midline
  36. morphology
    the study of the form of body parts
  37. /on
    noun suffix
  38. parasagittal
    relating to the dividing the body into unequal right and left sections
  39. pathology
    the study of the human biology when anatomy and/or physiology are abnormal
  40. peripheral
    at or near the rim or edge
  41. pher/o
    support, bear
  42. physiologically
    relating to physiology
  43. physiologic
    normal function of the body
  44. physiology
    the study of how the body works
  45. plane
    imaginary flat surfaces that pass through the body; transverse, sagittal, coronal
  46. posterolateral
    behind and to one side
  47. poster/o
  48. posterior
    in back of
  49. proxim/o
  50. proximal
    nearer to the center
  51. sagittal
    relating to dividing the body into right and left sections
  52. scop/o
  53. super/o
  54. superior
    above, upward
  55. superomedial
    above the middle
  56. superolateral
    above and to one side
  57. transverse
    relating to dividing the body into superior and inferior sections
  58. ventr/o
  59. ventral
    belly side
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